The Fringe With Megan Fox, Episode 26: Big Brother Is Out of Control

If you aren’t worried about government intrusion into your life you’re not paying attention. The Republican governor of Tennessee declared war on the Fourth Amendment by ordering in-person data collection of home visits by government goons “for the children” that have been unsupervised by government agents since the schools shut down. Never mind it was the fault of the government that put the children out of the reach of the long arm of Big Brother, these goons are going to make sure that doesn’t continue. Parents having full authority over their children is unthinkable to the statists in charge and so Governor Bill Lee ordered “mandated reporters” to get out there and find some child abuse, or something, because American families aren’t traumatized enough by the destruction of their businesses and way of life.

Tune in to find out what happened when the people of Tennessee revolted, hear members of the administration try to defend the indefensible, and hear my take on who needs to pay for it. WARNING: Full outrage mode activated.

Tennessee Dept. of Education Orders ‘Wellbeing’ Checks for Kids from Birth to Age 18
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