Trump 2020 Win In the Bag After Unchecked Rioting and Burning of Cities by BLM and Antifa Terrorists

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COVID-19 almost took out Trump 2020

I will admit that I was not feeling good about Donald Trump’s reelection chances mid-March. With the COVID-19 economy-wrecking lockdowns and 40 million Americans on unemployment as a result, I began to get a sinking feeling that only the prospect of Democrats taking over the White House can induce. It’s a very distinct feeling that is similar to the gastrointestinal upset one begins to feel rumbling after eating questionable shellfish: you know what’s coming is going to be really bad and you only have a few more moments to get to safety before it hits.

It is my contention that no one cares why they don’t have a job or who or what is to blame for it. All they care about is the fact that they have no paycheck when they once did and whoever seems to be in charge will be the guy or gal who goes down for it. Any good things that person did will be completely ignored for the mob’s need for revenge.

It was with this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that we entered into May. All things staying the same, the Democrats would have sailed to an easy victory in November. But then a miracle happened.

As usual, the left doesn’t know when to quit while they are ahead and so they used the horrific killing of George Floyd to start anarchy, riots, looting, and lawlessness all over the whole damn country. It’s amazing to me that they do this. They had public opinion on their side before deciding to burn cities. You really have to question the intelligence level of people who had the whole country united with them and chose to tear it apart with anarchy.

Were they dropped on their heads as infants? As usual, the radical element on the left cannot be reasoned with and so they set fire to buildings, chased police out of towns, beat up truckers trying to bring us toilet paper, and trashed poor neighborhoods who will now have to travel further to fill their refrigerators. Well done, Democrats! (Cue the sarcastic clapping.)

Trump 2020 is looking like a lock now and your gun rights are pretty safe, too

What the Democrats, who supported this insurrection by not stopping it in their cities, accomplished was to solidify the Second Amendment support for the next 200 years, increased gun sales by 80%, turned off moderate and independent support, and painted themselves as the party of lawlessness. Amazeballs.

Anyone paying attention, especially black Americans who live in high crime areas, discovered that their lives and property are worthless to Democrats. Everyone watching the news (or out their windows) saw order and lawfulness in Republican-run areas and absolute chaos and insanity in Democrat-run areas. I couldn’t have planned this better myself to illustrate why the Democrat Party is bad for America.

But it wasn’t a vast right-wing conspiracy! They burned down their own cities! They showed the citizens in deep blue territory that when it matters and your life is on the line, your Democrat leaders will not call the National Guard to save you! You’re on your own! I hope you bought guns and ammo (and are allowed to have them where you live)!

What will the outcome of this next election be after this? The only party standing up for law and order during this breakdown of society was President Trump and his fellow Republicans. If the left thinks that chaos and violence on the streets are somehow attractive to Americans of all stripes they’re even crazier than we know them to be. What’s their new slogan? Make America a Warzone Again? And while they are encouraging lawlessness around the country in high-risk areas, they also want to take away your guns. Sure. That will sell after eight straight days of the real-life version of “The Purge.”

I’m thrilled we have had this opportunity for the left to peel back the mask and show America who they are. You might not see more open support for Trump on the streets or in the polls. Your friends might even still virtue signal their hatred for Orange Man Bad on Facebook, but when it comes time to walk into a private voting booth where no one can see which candidate they choose, they’re not going to be able to easily vote for the party that cheered for a literal war on their streets and neighborhoods.

The only thing that Black Lives Matters and antifa accomplished was to create a whole new secret voting block for Trump. The 2020 election results are in and it’s going to be four more years.


Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo,” and host of The Fringe podcast. Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter

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