The Fringe With Megan Fox Episode 19: Investigative Journalist James Bovard on the Hideous Police Killing of Duncan Lemp

As America burns, the people of this nation are being misled about the nature of police brutality which affects us all. The stories that don’t further the agenda of the left to divide America into warring tribes never see the light of day, but they are plentiful and they are horrific. One particularly maddening case is the killing of Duncan Lemp, who was shot by police while sleeping, for the crime of owning a firearm.

Investigative journalist James Bovard has been digging into this case from the beginning and has an extensive history of uncovering government corruption and the killing of Americans by government agencies run amok. Bovard joins me on “The Fringe” this week to alert Americans to the very real threat that unchecked police power poses to everyone.

Tune in!



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