The Fringe with Megan Fox Episode 9: The Man Who Beat Twitter's Perma-Ban, Mikey Harlow

Mikey Harlow, Walk Away activist, was banned from Twitter permanently six months ago for posting “hate facts.” He is one of only two people to have been reinstated by the social media giant. Find out how he did it and why social media is one of the greatest threats to free speech in America. I sat down with Harlow to talk about his experience coming over to the conservative side of things, the bigotry he has faced for being LGBT and against the Democrat platform, and the big tech censorship that tried to stamp out his unique voice. Don’t miss it!

Megan Fox is the author of “Believe Evidence; The Death of Due Process from Salome to #MeToo,” and host of The Fringe podcast. Follow on Twitter @MeganFoxWriter




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