Elizabeth Warren Claims She Works Out to Patsy Cline; How Is That Even Possible?

(Image via YouTube screenshot)

In yet another cringe-worthy moment for presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, she was asked what her favorite music to exercise to is during an MSNBC interview full of hard-hitting questions that no one wanted to know the answers to. Inexplicably, she chose Patsy Cline.


The country crooner’s music isn’t quite suited to getting your heart rate up to fat-burning levels, but I spent some time thinking about what kind of exercises one could do to this type of music. Perhaps a modified burpee, where you get down on the floor.. and then stay there. Or perhaps some sit-downs followed by a few lie-downs and some hot tea to go with the dulcet tones of the music.

At first I thought maybe she was playing to the seniors, but when I looked up seniors exercising, even eighty-year-olds like a beat to step to. Chalk it up to more of the Democrat candidate’s hopeless efforts to be relevant and approachable and failing miserably.


Instead of trying to imagine Warren doing squats to “Crazy,” let’s watch seniors exercise like normal people who need a minimum 140-beats-per-minute groove to work up a sweat.

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