No, Samantha Bee Does Not Get to Apologize and Keep Her Show

Kurt Schlichter famously penned an essay a while back called “Liberals are Shocked to Find We’re Starting to Hate Them Right Back,” where he described with perfect clarity the state of American politics. He decried the coming gutter battles while admitting we have no other choice but to get into them and roll around with the Left.


This isn’t a good thing. This is nothing to be proud of. We should not be happy that our society is heading toward the lowest common denominator, which itself is in freefall. But the alternative is worse. Should we allow ourselves to continue to be figuratively and literally beaten up while smiling at our own purity, secure in the knowledge that even though our dignity and freedom are stripped from us, we have not fought back? Not happening. Letting these bastards play by their own rules, and thereby crush us, seems a pretty high price to pay just to gain the approval of the smug and sanctimonious David Frums and John Kasichs of the world.

The Roseanne versus Samantha Bee grudge match is a perfect example of the #NewRules in play. We’re simply not going to sit back and take it anymore. Roseanne’s comments don’t even matter now. Everyone agrees they were offensive. I wouldn’t have written them and neither would anyone I know. But she apologized immediately and still got fired. It doesn’t matter anymore what this was all about in the first place. She’s #oneofus simply for being a vocal Trump supporter and she’s suffering the punishment the Left would like to mete out to you and me simply for existing. All their anger and hatred for Trump and those who voted for him is being redirected onto Roseanne because she enabled them to make her a soft target. She clearly was not aware that she has only about 10 percent of the speech rights of those who hate Trump.


The people who didn’t raise an eyebrow when a white cartoonist depicted Condoleezza Rice as a house slave betraying her people for being a Republican are NOT offended by Roseanne’s tweet. ABC is not offended by vulgarity or they wouldn’t air Jimmy Kimmel, who once donned blackface, or Grey’s Anatomy, which is just an excuse to show doctors screwing each other and switching partners every few episodes. You couldn’t offend the Left with vulgarity if you tried. They invented it! Have you seen a [insert twerking ex-Disney pop star here] concert? Godfather Politics’ Gary DeMar detailed the double standard beautifully back in 2012. 

Michelle Malkin describes how “editorial” cartoonist Ted Rall depicted Condoleezza Rice as “Bush’s ‘HOUSE NIGGA.’ A black man demands that Rice ‘HAND OVER HER HAIR STRAIGHTENER.’ His t-shirt reads ‘YOU’RE NOT WHITE, STUPID.’ The caption below the frame reads ‘SENT TO INNER-CITY RACIAL RE-EDUCATION CAMP.’”

Sinclere Lee writes that Harry Belafonte called Colin Powell George Bush’s “house n***er.” “In an interview on San Diego radio station KFMB-AM . . . Belafonte compared Powell to a plantation slave who moves into the slave owner’s house and says only things that will please his master.”

On his June 12 blog, Bill Maher described the Republican Party the “Party of the Apes” and ripped the GOP for not repudiating comments made by Rep. Allen West who said that Congress is filled with socialists. Maher then suggested that West should be locked in a padded cell and given “20 CCs of the high test.”


Roseanne isn’t even a conservative! She’s been a vocal Democrat or Green Party supporter her whole life, which probably explains why she felt free to tell jokes! Democrats and Green Partiers are usually not targeted for “hate speech” or “racism.” Her only crime in their eyes was to support Trump in the last election and refuse to apologize for it. If she were “with Her” she could say any damned racist thing she wanted and they would give her awards and invite her to roast Trump at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner! Spare us the pearl-clutching outrage that Valerie Jarrett was brutally harmed and race relations were set back decades by one comedienne’s tweet. But according to our leftist overlords on Twitter, no one is allowed to joke except people with the approved political views. Maybe they’ll make us apply for humor licenses soon. White man Bill Maher can call Sarah Palin the “c” word and black Republicans the “n” word and he’s just an edgy comedian, what do you expect, Snowflake, he’s /ourguy/!


Well, we expect to get into the gutter with these people and fight back now. It’s time to give as good as we get. If they take one of ours, we take one of theirs until they are so tired and beaten down from this stupid game that they cry uncle. Only then will it be time to go back to allowing people to enjoy humor again so we can quit getting fake-offended at everything. As Ace of Spades noted:

We cannot have Two Americas where one America is speech-patrolled and scalp-hunted and lives in constant fear, and the other can do or say whatever they like and only suffer the consequence of having their arms weighed down by too many industry awards.

I really wouldn’t have cared about Samantha Bee’s stupidity if Roseanne’s apology had meant something. But it didn’t. So Bee doesn’t get to apologize and keep her show either. That’s not how these #NewRules work. The social justice warriors have set a precedent that if you offend them you deserve to lose your job, be bankrupted, thrown on the street, defamed and reviled forever. They’ve managed to get corporations to go along with this asinine theory of theirs. Roseanne is just one more head on their wall. This has been going on for a long time. Google Milo, Will Caligan, Tim Allen, Paula Deen, Justine Sacco, Kevin Sorbo, Jon Del Arroz, Richard Meyer or anyone else who isn’t exactly PC enough for the viewpoint enforcement brigade. They don’t want America as it is supposed to be (a place where even vile ideas can be heard), but they want to fundamentally transform it into a place where only their vile ideas can be heard. Everyone else must be terrified to speak out.


No more! It’s time for them to be scared of us. FIRE SAMANTHA BEE and any other vile leftist who dares to offend anyone for any reason. These are the rules they set up and if Saul Alinsky taught us anything useful it’s to “make your enemy live up to its own rules.” When this is over we want Samantha Bee off television and on the street unable to get a job flipping burgers at McDonald’s. We barely know who she is and we don’t care.

But you’re better than that, you say? I’m going to let Schlichter respond to you in the way only he can.

Cue the boring moralizing and sanctimonious whimpering of the femmy, bow-tied, submissive branch of conservatism whose obsolete members were shocked to find themselves left behind by the masses to whom these geeks’ sinecures were not the most important objective of the movement. This is where they sniff, “We’re better than that,” and one has to ask ,“Who’s we?” Because, by nature, people are not better than that. They are not designed to sit back and take it while they are abused, condescended to, and told by a classless ruling class that there are now two sets of rules and – guess what? –the old rules are only going to be enforced against them.

If you sit back and allow the Left to stomp all over you, then they are right and you don’t deserve to be called human anymore. You’re just a doormat. It’s time the Left hears “no” for once and understands that when they hit us we’re going to hit back twice as hard. That’s the only way to deal with a bully if you want it to stop. Maybe if we hurt them enough they’ll stop this stupid, childish game of gotcha. It’s not as fun when it’s happening to you. #NewRules





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