Fla. Teacher Tells 11-Year-Olds to Call 'Them' the Gender-Neutral Pronoun 'Mx'

Gender neutral pronouns

In the “Are you kidding me?” file, a 5th grade math and science (ha!) teacher is coming out as a biology denier and has sent a letter home to his or her (we’re still not sure) class asking to be called by the pronoun “Mx.” pronounced “mix.” Parents in Tallahassee, Florida, were understandably alarmed when they received this letter from their children’s’ teacher:


One thing that you should know about me is that I use gender neutral terms. My prefix is Mx. (pronounced Mix). Additionally, my pronouns are “they, them, their” instead of “him, her, his.”

Frankly, if I got a letter like this I would be down at that school asking them to remove the mentally ill person they hired who has power over my child. What kind of fresh hell is this? The school is standing behind this mixed-up person, of course, and spitting in the faces of parents who feel that this type of political grandstanding is a distraction to learning. How are the parents supposed to be assured that their child will not be punished for failing to deny reality should they slip up and use the proper pronouns? And will there be any recourse for the English language, which they are being taught to abuse in such a heinous way? Have we no respect left for basic grammar?

Third-person singular pronouns are not interchangeable with third-person plural pronouns. They are not now and will not ever be unless the LGBTQWTF crowd is going to dismantle the rules of grammar and rewrite them and then force us all to learn them again. This task would be so difficult I doubt they could pull themselves away from the latest vagina march to actually try it. No one should refer to a singular person as “they or them” and any person who does should be slapped by a stern nun for even thinking about it.


The sex-confused have ruined public education, locker rooms, public bathrooms, Target, and sanity, but by God, they will not ruin English. That’s a bridge too far. Those of us immersed in its structure and thousands of tiny rules and exceptions, who live daily by the written fundamentals of the hardest language on earth, who have sweated and slaved over dangling participles and subjunctive moods, will refuse, with rigid defiance, to take part in this destruction of our language. You don’t want to tangle with the grammar Nazis! We will not be moved.

Anyone who is sending a child to a school that does not repudiate this grammatical horror show should realize immediately that it is not a place of learning but one of political indoctrination and idiocy. A school that supports this heinous pronoun person-swapping is no school at all but a place where someone goes to become irreversibly incoherent and unable to function in reality.

Is anyone keeping an active list of all the reasons why homeschooling is the only way to go? The wanton destruction of our mother tongue should clearly be moved to the top.

UPDATE: The principal, Paul Lambert, supported his teacher by misgendering her to the press: “We support her preference in how she’s addressed, we certainly do,” Lambert said. “I think a lot of times it might be decided that there is an agenda there, because of her preference — I can tell you her only agenda is teaching math and science at the greatest level she can.”


It just doesn’t get funnier than this.


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