Women Are Having a Giant Collective Facebook Swoon Over These Hot Florida Cops

Image via Facebook

The ladies of Facebook are going crazy… and we don’t blame them. It all began when the Gainesville Police Department posted this photo of the “night crew” headed out to help people after Hurricane Irma.


Is it me or does that look like Bruce Willis on the left? Are these really cops — or models? They are all really, really ridiculously good looking. It must be all that toxic masculinity. The comments from the legions of women who would like to “thank” them — up close and personal — are hilarious… and there are over a million of them!

It looks like there’s about to be a crime spree in Gainesville. But there’s always a voice of reason in the crowd…

Well, she tried. The calendar idea is an ingenious one and would probably raise tons of money for the Irma clean-up.

After the post went viral, the Gainesville Police Department updated it and made a big announcement.

Not to be outdone, the Sarasota Police Department sent in their own photo for, ahem, review.


Further review (ya know, for research) revealed there is an unusual number of good looking cops on the Gainesville force.

This can’t be real.

God bless America!


Words fail me. Look at them bringing joy wherever they go! These ladies couldn’t smile bigger if they tried.

I did notice that none of the men these women are all slobbering over look anything like this:


And if you’re interested in why, you can read about that in Millennial Chick Can’t Stop Having Sex With Trump Supporters. Try as they might, the left can’t destroy men. And this is just another example of how we couldn’t survive without the kind of men we are always being told are “bad” with their “manspreading” and “toxic maleness.” When one of them comes to pull you out of a sinking car, you’ll be thanking God for all that testosterone. Lordy! Let’s hear it for the boys!

After the natural disasters we’ve had this season, I think we can all agree to look for the silver lining whenever possible. The Gainesville Police Department came through with some major sunshine after the rain. Thank a first responder today. They deserve it.



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