Half of America Wants the Other Half to Die in a Hurricane

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Hurricane Irma has left death and destruction in her wake and Hurricane Jose is right behind her promising more. Entire islands have been destroyed, families torn apart, and property wiped out. This crippling devastation so close to the last hurricane in Texas, from which people are still reeling, is tough to take. These people require our unceasing prayers and help, not scorn and snark.


So who would be cold-blooded enough to savage hurricane victims? Rabid sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). These are people who were so blindsided by a Clinton loss that they can’t see past their election night rage and are wishing destruction on all the Trump voters in Florida along with Trump properties. I don’t want to be neighbors with these kinds of people anymore.

Who raised them?

They’re rooting…for the hurricane.


Is this how civil wars start? Because it sure feels like it could be. I can’t imagine the kind of hate that is harbored in a heart that wishes for half of their countrymen to die violently. I’m disgusted thinking that I may be shopping next to some of these people in the grocery store. I used to care about the other side. I used to think they were good people with wrong ideas. But these days they keep proving they are evil people with evil ideas.


This solidifies to those of us over here, praying and calling friends and watching the hurricane path with horror, that we don’t have anything in common with them anymore. We don’t share culture or common heroes with them anymore. Twenty years ago there wasn’t a person on either side who wouldn’t praise Thomas Jefferson or George Washington. Today we find ourselves begging them not to vandalize Mt. Rushmore. We used to value law and order; today they are in the streets demanding anarchy. We can’t even watch football with them anymore without a protest against our flag, which they hate.

They’re sitting on Twitter as the hurricane tears toward Florida hoping people will die.

There’s no “common ground” to be found with people who want me and those like me (and our children) to die violently in a hurricane! These are not friends, compatriots, or countrymen.

Imagine the outcry if a hurricane was coming toward SanFrancisco and the right was tweeting, “Boy, those gays have it coming! Serves them right for putting Heather Has Two Mommies in our curriculum! I hope they all die!” The foaming at the mouth would be epic. The people the left is targeting for death-by-hurricane are not the monsters they want them to be. Most of those firemen, SWAT members, and first responders running into danger to rescue hurricane survivors are Trump supporters. That’s who elected him — blue-collar, police, firemen, military and trade workers. And the Trump Derangement Syndrome zombies want them to get killed.


This isn’t an abstract idea and it isn’t a joke either. As a Trump supporter, I feel unsafe wearing a #MAGA hat without backup or a gun. College professors and public school teachers are attacking Trump supporters with deadly weapons (for fun) on the weekends. This is the kind of stuff that is dangerous to our republic because we’ve stopped caring about one another as brothers who disagree. We have turned into strangers and worse — strangers who hate one another. Until I saw these sentiments about wiping out people like me I thought we could coexist. That’s over.

I want a divorce.

Before the shooting begins, maybe we should try to salvage what’s left of this tattered relationship. I’m not even picky about which half of the country we get. North, South, East, or West, it doesn’t matter. We’ll make whatever part we get great in no time. And if we miss our cities, we’ll hire Disney to recreate them — and they won’t have any of the crime and poverty (but they will have excellent gift shops). And we can build a big beautiful wall between our side and the side that wants us dead. And they can get on with whatever communist, atheist, multi-sex, trans-human, refugee nightmare they want so badly. We can do this without firing a shot. Can we start that process now and avoid the inevitable violence that follows the absolute dehumanization of half the population? There’s only so much of this that people are going to be able to take before it descends into the worst bar brawl anyone has ever seen (with drones). Nobody wants that. Let’s get a divorce.



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