Mia Love! Breakout Star of the March for Life: 'Don't Settle for What Might Have Been'

Mia Love gets very little press. This rock star congresswoman from Utah is the first black female Republican ever elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Her story is inspirational and she told it with tears streaming down her face at the March for Life. It was the most heartfelt, rousing speech of the day and yet none of the news outlets bothered to write about this historic woman. Contrast that to the Women’s March from last week, when Senator Kamala Harris gave some tired speech about reproductive organs and resisting Trump and her remarks were written about in reverent tones by the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, CBS News and ABC News. Mia Love, on the other hand, got no press other than local Utah coverage. The big networks use their power to launch the careers of little-known members of congress. They clearly aren’t going to be helping Mia Love, because her story doesn’t help Democrats get elected.


But America needs to hear Love’s story. It is one of incredible odds, hardship and triumph. It is a true American story. For too long, the press has hidden our black Republican stars because they are terrified that it will start being seen as normal for black Americans to identify with conservative politics. Love’s message at the march should travel to every state in this nation. Almost as soon as she started talking, tears began streaming down her face as she told the story of the hardships her parents faced in order to keep her. She was a child who very easily might have been terminated to ease the discomfort of her family. Love’s message of unknown potential was stirring.

“Every time we kill a child through abortion we kill our potential,” she said through tears. Her message of compassion is so needed to get through to women in crisis and motivate those of us who can and should help where we can, urging others not to accept “what might have been.” She went on to end her speech with powerful words.

“God bless our women who are struggling with unplanned pregnancies. May we love them, may we embrace them and may we help them discover their power and their potential. But may we never, ever allow our funds to pay for the deaths of young children!”

The time for defunding Planned Parenthood and righting the terrible wrong that this country has been subsidizing for far too long is just around the corner. Over the last few years, so many undercover videos from pro-life activists have shown us the horrors inside those walls . We have no more excuses to look the other way. The momentum has shifted toward life and a solid victory is coming closer. In the days ahead we will need strong voices like Love’s to cut through the noise and the hatred from the opposition with truth and clarity. The news may blacklist her, but who needs them anyway? Share this video with your friends and family on social media today. The country needs to know Mia Love.




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