Republican Consultant Behind Anti-Gun Ads

Well, it seems Republican consultant Mike Murphy has decided to assist the anti-gun left. Jazz Shaw at Hot Air posted about his involvement with Bloomberg’s anti-gun ads directed towards Arkansas’ Democratic Senator Mark Pryor on May 26.  While many conservatives might disagree with Murphy’s political analysis, he’s always entertaining to watch on Meet the Press. Yet, this little tryst with the pro-gun control crowd is nothing short of idiotic.


The ads that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun group has run defending Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) and criticizing Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) were cut by GOP strategist Mike Murphy, sources familiar with the spots said.

Murphy’s ads come on the heels of DCI Group leading the work for Mayors Against Illegal Guns’s spots against Democratic Senators.

A MAIG spokeswoman confirmed Murphy shot the anti-Pryor spot POLITICO reported on this week. Sources familiar with the ads said Murphy, who worked on Mitt Romney’s 2002 Massachusetts governor’s race and Meg Whitman’s California governor’s race in 2010, also cut the spots defending Toomey.

Jazz concluded his post by saying:

 In addition to being pretty smart, he’s hilarious.) But none of that changes the fact that I’ve got to look at him in a somewhat different light now. You have to know who the enemy is, even if he’s popping up in your own back yard.

Murphy has tried to justify his activity by saying he’s pro-second amendment, but supportive of universal background checks – like the NRA was in ’99.  Yet, the fact remains: if give a liberal an inch, they’ll take several hundred miles.  The way to defeat a possible national registry for firearms in this country is to defeat legislation that could lead to its creation.  Additionally, we already have comprehensive background checks, as anyone with a FFL has to conduct one with any purchase.  You’re playing for the wrong team, Mike.





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