The Real Problem With Biden’s Latest ‘Did He Poop Himself’ Incident

Lou Benoist/Pool Photo via AP

By now, you’ve probably heard about Biden’s awkward moment in Normandy. The now-viral clip showed the elderly president bending over several times in front of his wife, Jill. Some say he was just checking his seat, while others think he had lost spatial awareness, but the most common theory was that he may have lost control of his bowels.

Frankly, he may have just been confused about whether or not it was time for him to sit. But, let’s face it, this isn’t the first time people have speculated about Biden’s potential incontinence. Last month, an incident on the White House lawn led to similar suspicions, with some suggesting it was merely dementia posturing. Regardless, the mainstream media came rushing to his defense both times, and most certainly will again before long.

And when the media has to explain why Biden didn’t poop himself, they’re already losing.

For example, as PJ Media’s Jon Del Arroz pointed out, The Daily Beast came rushing to Biden’s defense with a story headlined “This Video Shows Joe Biden Did Not-in Fact-Poop Himself at D-Day Event."

It’s a very real headline, and the Daily Beast wasn’t the only outlet to come rushing to Biden’s defense. Even Snopes had to chime in.

"Social media users variously claimed that Biden's awkward pose in a brief video clip of the June 6, 2024, D-Day ceremony in Normandy meant Biden had either started to sit down in a nonexistent chair or 'pooped his pants,’” the left-wing fact-checking website claimed. "Video evidence provides context confirming Biden was beginning to sit down on a chair that was, in fact, directly behind him."

Snopes insists that "a review of a longer version of the video confirmed the rumor Biden tried to sit in an "invisible chair" was false. Biden, his wife, and the Macrons all sat down in chairs positioned behind them in the moments right after the 12-second video clip ended."

Politifact posted its own similar fact-check. “Not long after his June 6 speech, social media users circulated edited video clips of Biden, claiming the president sat in an "imaginary chair," had a bowel movement and left the event prematurely,” the site claimed. "The event’s full video does not support these claims; neither do news reports or posts from people who attended. But the claims spread rapidly online, racking up tens of millions of views."

"Here’s how the baseless narratives emerged and spread, and how the D-Day anniversary event unfolded, based on journalists’ pool reports and longer videos of the event,” the site added.

Regardless of whether you think Biden soiled himself, was trying to sit in an invisible chair, or what, when the media and left-wing fact-checkers are trying to convince the public that Biden didn’t poop himself, they’ve pretty much already lost the narrative because the fact that they have to issue such fact-checks at all is a reflection of Joe Biden’s biggest liability as he seeks reelection: an overwhelming majority of the public think he’s too old to be president.

And such fact checks have been happening for years. Less than a year into his presidency, Snopes posted a fact check, "Did Biden Poop His Pants in Rome?"

All of these rumors and claims go viral because they’re believable, and they’re believable because Biden often appears in public aloof and disconnected from what’s happening around him. Basically, he looks and acts like someone who should be in assisted living.


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