Will Americans Reject COVID Restrictions if They Come Back?

AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

Make no mistake about it; COVID-19 restrictions are coming back. Joe Biden may have promised to “shut down the virus,” but the truth is, when the radical left succeeds in finding a way to control people, that’s a very hard thing for them to give up — especially with another election coming and polls saying it’s going to be another close one.

Schools nationwide have responded to reports of a new COVID variant by imposing mask mandates, and you can bet it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Joe Biden has floated the idea of another vaccine mandate, and you can bet as we get closer to the next election, there will be efforts to impose as many of the restrictions that we were treated to during the pandemic as possible.

While it’s true that there are plenty of people who haven’t gotten over the pandemic and still live in perpetual fear, efforts to reimpose COVID restrictions aren’t lucky to be as successful as they were the first time around. In 2020, most people were under the impression that they were doing the right thing by social distancing, wearing masks, and getting vaccinated. But when the restriction kept going on forever and data showed that the lockdowns didn’t work, that masks were ineffective at stopping the spread, and that the vaccines didn’t make you immune from COVID, these restrictions met resistance. Like me, I’m sure many of your liberal friends and family members are over COVID and the restrictions.

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The impact of new COVID restrictions could be just as bad as they were the first time. For starters, the previous lockdowns were devastating to our economy, particularly small businesses. With the economy already struggling thanks to Bidenomics, new restrictions could also bring back another supply chain crisis as access to essential goods and products could be disrupted. The pandemic also demonstrated the terrible consequences of school closures and masking of children, be it a lack of structured classes, socialization, etc.

Even those who felt they were good citizens by following the restrictions in the name of the public good have grown weary of COVID restrictions, and many are likely to resist compliance. Small business owners who were shafted by the lockdowns aren’t likely to be as compliant as they were back in 2020. Parents who refused to unnecessarily vaccinate their children the first time aren’t going to comply the second time either and will be more likely to pull their kids out of public school if necessary.

While I agree there are a significant number of people who will do whatever they’re told, I believe the pandemic made a lot of people skeptical of health restrictions and mandates, especially since there is a significant amount of data showing that all those efforts didn’t work. And widespread resistance will generate a significant backlash against those who impose these restrictions. If Joe Biden and the Democrats attempt to impose these restrictions, I suspect they’ll learn the hard way that it was a bad idea.


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