Dan Bongino Reveals the Latest Scuttlebutt on Cocainegate

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Former Secret Service against Dan Bongino has had a lot to say about Cocainegate. On Tuesday evening, he went on Newsmax to tell Eric Bolling the latest he’s heard from insiders about what really happened.


First, Bongino reiterated that it’s impossible to believe that the Secret Service doesn’t know who brought the cocaine into the White House.

“But can we just, like, talk in common sense terms? I worked there 12 years. We never found coke in the White House in a decade plus two years I worked here in the Secret Service. And no friend has contacted me since. So, we haven’t found any coke in the White House. Yet, you get a guy who is on tape on his computer, smoking the crack, you know, doing his thing with hookers — looks like a UFC match — we don’t know what the hell he’s doing in there. Right? The guy’s got a history of drug use. The guy’s got a history of lying. He moves into the White House, he was there on Friday, the crack’s found on Sunday, and we’re all sitting around like, ‘Man, who the hell you think could have brought that coke?’ ‘Oh gee, I don’t know, who could have possibly done it?’ Now, do I know it’s Hunter Biden’s crack? I don’t know that. However, having been a former criminal investigator, I’m not stupid either.”

Bongino has long insisted that the cocaine must belong to a member of the first family or a friend of the family, but here’s where things got really interesting. Bongino said he’s heard from “a friend” who offered another possibility.


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“Let’s just say a friend called me up and said, ‘Don’t preclude the possibility that the cocaine found in the White House there was not accidentally left behind.’ In other words, it was left there deliberately for someone to find, and let you say someone else may have found it. So that’s the story I kind of heard from someone who may know a little something about something. We’ll see what happens, but they know who it is. I’m sure of it.”

Bongino also demonstrated how it is virtually impossible for someone to put a bag of cocaine in a White House cubby, lock it inside, and not leave any trace of fingerprints or DNA. Attempts to avoid leaving such evidence would have been immediately flagged as suspicious.

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