Cracker Barrel Has Fallen, Celebrates Pride Month, Faces Calls for Boycott

(Andraya Croft/Detroit Free Press via AP)

Conservative activists on social media are pushing for a boycott of Cracker Barrel after the popular restaurant chain pandered to the woke mob by showing support for Pride Month and its LGBT alliance in a post on its official Facebook page on Thursday.


The post featured a photo that included the back of a rocking chair painted in rainbow colors associated with Pride Month.

“We are excited to celebrate Pride Month with our employees and guests. Everyone is always welcome at our table (and our 🌈 rocker). Happy Pride!” the post read.

The Facebook post accumulated over 28,000 comments, which feature a mix of supportive messages and outrage.

“[Cracker Barrel] Was one of our favorite breakfast spots, until I saw this,” one user wrote. “We will not be returning.”

“Cracker Barrel just lost me as a customer!” wrote another.

“Please don’t push this on your loyal customers!” lamented another Cracker Barrel customer. “This post blew my feed up this morning with people saying they will never return to Cracker Barrel due to you pushing this on them. Not saying everyone shouldn’t be welcome in your restaurants, but this wasn’t necessary in the opinion of many I know. Did you think they felt they were unwelcome to the point you had to do this?? Now you will lose loyal customers by shoving it down our throats.”

“Sorry, none of my family will be dining at Cracker Barrel anymore since it has chosen to virtue signal its support of what has become a very toxic ‘Pride’ movement,” reads another comment.


This is not the first time the chain has participated in Pride Month marketing. A search of their Facebook page turns up pride month posts in preview years.

The company also has a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion page on its official website, which boasts that “In 2021, Cracker Barrel scored 80 on the Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s Corporate Equality Index.”

While Cracker Barrel’s going woke is apparently nothing new, the recent successful boycotts of Bud Light and Target  have shown that many Americans have become extremely uncomfortable with corporate pandering to a movement that has, in recent years, aggressively pushed for the sexualization and mutilation of children. Both Target and Bud Light have lost billions in market value as a result, and Cracker Barrel might just be the next company to face huge backlash.


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