Overwhelming Majority of Americans Reject Dangerous Transgender Ideology

AP Photo/Robin Rayne

Transgender ideology has greatly impacted our culture in recent years. Things that would have been unfathomable ten years ago are now commonplace. Whenever a biological male takes away an opportunity from a biological female, the mainstream media and the Democratic Party quickly glorify it as heroic. Public schools have become indoctrination centers where teachers and administrators push confused children to socially transition without their parent’s knowledge. You can’t even trust Disney programming to be free of propaganda. Meanwhile, state-based efforts to protect children are being met with lawsuits and resistance from the Biden administration.

If you find this trend disturbing, you may feel like you’re in the minority. How could you not when transgenderism is popularized and praised in popular culture? In fact, transgender ideology has become so visible and dominating that the public vastly overestimates what percentage of the population they truly represent. Last year, a YouGov survey revealed that Americans believe the transgender community makes up 21% of the population, despite the reality that they only represent 0.6%.

But there’s good news. You’re not in the minority. Heck, this isn’t even an issue that equally divides America. You’re in the majority. According to a recent poll by the Washington Post-KFF, most Americans do not support radical transgender ideology and endorse bans on gender transition procedures for minors. And it’s not even close. According to the survey, nearly 70% of Americans are against administering puberty blockers to children, and nearly 60% are opposed to providing hormone treatments to teenagers who identify as transgender.

There’s even more good news. The poll also found that an overwhelming majority of respondents, nearly 80%, felt that teachers discussing “trans identity” with children in kindergarten to third grade was “inappropriate.” The same sentiment was shared by 70% of those surveyed when it came to discussing the topic with fourth and fifth-graders. A majority of respondents, 52%, also felt that transgender issues should not be discussed with middle schoolers.

What does this tell us? It tells us that nearly a dozen states that have been passing restrictions on transgender procedures on children or the teaching of radical gender theory in school are part of the mainstream. And if you don’t like biological men playing women’s sports, you’re also in the mainstream. Almost 70% of Americans believe that this should not be allowed — in high school, college, or professional sports.

Additionally, most Americans do not subscribe to the left’s belief that a person’s sex can differ from their “gender identity.” Close to 60% of Americans believe that an individual’s biology determines their gender.

Conservative columnist David Marcus expressed his belief in an op-ed that “both sides of the gender debate suddenly have an opportunity for frank discussion and compromise” on this issue. Not only was I not convinced by his take, but considering that the proponents of transgender ideology are so clearly in the minority, I feel that the last thing we should do is try to compromise.

We can win this debate because most people agree with us. It may seem like America is more evenly divided on this or that proponents of trans ideology are in a solid majority, but they’re not. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. We don’t have to compromise in a war we can win.


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