Charges Loom for Hunter Biden as His Dad Launches Presidential Bid

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The big news of the day is that Joe Biden, in a pre-recorded video, announced his 2024 presidential campaign. Polls have repeatedly shown that Americans don’t think he’s done a good job and that he’s too old for the presidency, but that may not be the worst of his problems.


Lawyers for Joe’s embattled son, Hunter Biden, are expected to meet with Justice Department officials this week to discuss possible tax fraud charges and another charge stemming from a gun purchase, according to CNN. The meeting comes amid allegations by an IRS agent that Hunter Biden received preferential treatment during the agency’s investigation. Two senior law enforcement sources told NBC News last week that most of the work on Hunter Biden’s case was completed around a year ago and expressed frustration over the mishandling of the case.

The federal investigation of Hunter Biden began in 2018, and the decision of whether or not to press charges will be made by U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who was appointed by President Donald Trump and subsequently retained by the Biden administration.

“Oddly enough, Hunter’s criminal case has been revived from the dead, only days after a career IRS supervisor filed for official whistleblower protection, accusing the federal government of shielding Hunter from criminal charges,” Fox News’s Sean Hannity said. It is somewhat poetic that, after shielding Hunter Biden from criminal charges for roughly a year, it’s now very possible that Hunter Biden could be indicted the same week his dad announced his presidential campaign.


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Hunter Biden has also been under investigation by the House Oversight Committee. The investigation has expanded to include others in the Biden family who have profited from Joe Biden’s political connections. In March, the Committee unearthed damning evidence that a Chinese energy company funneled over $1 million to select members of the Biden family via the account of a family associate.

“On February 27, 2023, Chairman Comer issued a subpoena for certain financial records. The subpoena sought unique and particularized information critical to the Committee’s investigation, connected to three Biden family business associates,” a memo released by the Committee read. “These records prove the Biden family used at least three family members—Hallie Biden, James Biden, and Hunter Biden—and various companies to receive the lucrative payments.”

A total of a dozen Biden relatives have since been revealed to have received suspicious foreign money. “There’s not going to be anybody left for a Christmas picture if the [Department of Justice] did their job and went in there and indicted everyone that has any type of fingerprints involved in this influence-peddling scheme,” Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on Sunday.


“I mean, it’s the entire family,” Comer added. “And there isn’t a single one of those family members that had the ability to do anything to influence foreign policy other than the big guy, Joe Biden.”

I still have my doubts that Hunter Biden will be indicted for anything, but it would be hilarious if it were to happen this week.



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