Biden’s Sinister Plan to Rig the 2024 Election for Democrats

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Roughly two years ago, President Biden issued an executive order that went relatively unnoticed and has been mostly forgotten by now, but which endangers the integrity of our elections.


Executive Order 14019 instructs federal agencies, some of which are unrelated to election administration, to collaborate with external private groups to “promote voter registration and voter participation.”

As innocuous as this sounds on its face, the White House is emulating billionaire Mark Zuckerberg’s efforts to influence the 2020 election and turning it into a publicly-funded operation. That’s right: who needs Zuckerbucks when taxpayers like you can fund Democrat voter outreach?

And before you say that’s unconstitutional, since when has that mattered to the radical left that feels entitled to power and will do anything to preserve it?

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Naturally, the Biden administration has been deliberately vague about the specifics of how government agencies will collaborate with these private groups to engage voters. But the 2024 election is fast approaching, and the White House has quietly disclosed some of the details of how it will repurpose government agencies into a massive taxpayer-funded “get-out-the-vote” operation for the Democrats.

According to a White House fact sheet published earlier this month, some examples are: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will promote voter registration for new citizens; the Department of Education will connect student loan recipients to voter registration services; the Indian Health Service will boost voting access for patients; the Treasury Department will do the same for federal benefit recipients; and the DOJ will promote voting for those exiting the criminal justice system.


Don’t forget that there’s nothing preventing the White House and partisan bureaucrats in federal agencies from hand-picking groups that favor “get-out-the-vote” activities for Democrats, ensuring their electoral victories for years to come.

As grim as this situation sounds, we can fight this. Just as state legislatures have banned or restricted Zuckerbucks, they can do the same here. “To start, state legislatures can pass laws requiring approval before any new federal funds or new election administration guidance can be accepted or followed by state agencies,” explain Tarren Bragdon and Madeline Malisa at our sister site, Townhall. “Legislatures can also require state agencies to notify them when a federal agency tries to contact them through a backchannel.” Congress can similarly refuse to fund these agencies and their efforts to boost Democrats.

And you can do something, too. By becoming a VIP member now, you can help us expose these unconstitutional efforts to fund Democrat voter outreach with your tax dollars. We’re offering 40% off right now on an annual membership — that works out to less than $1 per week. Just enter the promo code SAVEAMERICA when you sign up here.


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