Jim Jordan Shows the Receipts for 'Direct Government Censorship' of Speech in Heated Exchange

Michaels Reynolds/Pool via AP

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) humiliated  Rep. Daniel S. Goldman (D-N.Y.) on Thursday during a hearing of the House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.


Goldman is a former impeachment counsel for Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) during the Democrats’ impeachment investigation into then-President Donald Trump in 2019. He notoriously believed in Russian collusion and the discredited Steele dossier. He had accused Jordan of being unable to “find actual evidence of any direct government censorship of lawful speech” and clearly was not prepared for Jordan to have receipts.

“Even with Twitter, you cannot find actual evidence of any direct government censorship of any lawful speech. And when I say lawful I mean non-criminal speech because plenty of speech is non-criminal,” Goldman bizarrely claimed to Jordan.

“I’ll give you one,” Jordan replied confidently, then produced an email from Clarke Humphrey from the Executive Office of the Presidency, instructing Twitter to censor a tweet by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a prominent anti-vaccine activist.

“I’d ask unanimous consent to enter into the record the following email from Clarke Humphrey, Executive Office of the Presidency, White House office. January 23rd, 2021, that’s the Biden administration. 4:39 a.m., ‘Hey, folks,’ — this goes to Twitter — ‘Hey, folks wanted to’ — I use the term Mr. — they use the term Mr. — Mr. Goldman just used — ‘wanted to flag the below tweet, and then wondering if we can get moving on the process for having it removed, ASAP,'” Jordan read.


“In fullness of the record, can you — because I have not seen this — can you read the tweet that it is referencing?” Goldman asked Jordan.

“I don’t have the tweet here with me,” Jordan said.

“Shocking,” Goldman replied.

The original tweet wasn’t even necessary to make the point. Jordan had very easily found evidence that the Biden administration had asked Twitter to censor an individual who spoke against the Biden administration’s preferred narrative, even though Goldman said there was no evidence of the government trying to censor lawful speech.

Jordan later found the tweet—it claimed Hank Aaron’s death may have been linked to the COVID vaccine—but that wasn’t enough to satisfy Goldman, who proceeded to beclown himself.

“The gentleman’s point was at no time did the government try to tell Twitter to explicitly remove something,” Jordan explained.

“No, I specifically said lawful speech. Lawful speech,” Goldman said. “The First Amendment does not — is not absolute speech.”


So, if you’re Rep. Goldman, what exactly is lawful speech? Speech that doesn’t contradict what the Democrat-controlled government thinks is okay? We’ve already seen efforts by big tech and big government to restrict or censor speech about the lab leak theory, but now, everyone basically admits that is what likely happened. According to Goldman, questioning the safety of the COVID vaccines is not “lawful speech” and therefore merits government censorship.



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