Fetterman’s Office Releases Photos of Senator ‘at Work,’ but Are They Staged?

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Sen. John Fetterman somehow cosponsored legislation on rail safety last week despite being voluntarily committed for severe depression at Walter Reed hospital. Now, Fetterman’s office has released photos clearly meant for those who raised questions over whether the senator was actually working or unelected staffers were doing the work and attributing it to him.


On Monday afternoon, Adam Jentleson, Fetterman’s chief of staff, posted photos of him and the ailing senator having a “productive” meeting at Walter Reed, discussing the rail safety legislation.

Jentleson, who has come under fire for blocking people who ask how Fetterman could be cosponsoring legislation while committed, claims the photos show he is “well on his way to recovery” and “laser focused” on Pennsylvania.

But I have questions.

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All we see in the photos is the two men sitting at a table on which are one or two documents and an unused iPad. One key lingering issue from Fetterman’s May 2022 stroke is auditory processing problems. Reportedly, when people speak, they sound to him like the adults in the Peanuts cartoons. Yet, no assistive technology appears to be present at this “productive” meeting.


Assistive technology was provided during Fetterman’s one and only debate with Dr. Mehmet Oz and was also installed in the Senate chamber, despite rules generally prohibiting electronics.

Does Fetterman suddenly no longer need this technology? Or were these pictures staged for the purpose of stopping the media from asking questions?

It’s also curious that there was no video released. It would be nice to see some evidence that Fetterman and Jentleson were able to converse about the issues on which Fetterman is allegedly laser-focused while he’s supposed to be undergoing treatment for depression.

But something tells me that we’re not going to get a video.


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