CNN Drops a Huge Bombshell in Biden Classified Documents Scandal

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Since the news broke that classified documents had been discovered in both Joe Biden’s office at the Penn Biden Center and at his home, the White House and Biden have made repeated statements about their “full cooperation” with the Justice Department and National Archives. It was a blatant effort to differentiate this case from the one involving Trump’s possession of classified documents.


And it was all a lie.

According to a new report from CNN, of all places, Biden wasn’t originally willing to consent to have the Justice Department search his home and only agreed to it after Justice Department indicated it would seek a warrant if necessary.

“Biden’s team stresses that it was cooperative in the lead-up to Friday’s search and even expressed an eagerness for the search to happen as expeditiously as possible to move the investigation along – and to try to put the matter behind them,” CNN reports. “For its part, the Justice Department had decided it would conduct the latest search – and any subsequent searches – after Biden’s team handled earlier searches themselves. Federal investigators also were prepared to seek a warrant if they did not get consent to search the Wilmington property, according to multiple sources.”


Biden’s allies in the media have been repeating the claim that Biden was “fully cooperating” with the Justice Department and insisting that Donald Trump was guilty of obstructing even though he had been negotiating with the Justice Department when Merrick Garland approved a warrant to search Mar-a-Lago.


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