It's Happening: Election Irregularities Reported in Maricopa County, Arizona

AP Photo/Matt York

Voting machines in Maricopa County, Arizona, were reported to be malfunctioning on Tuesday morning. Nevertheless, election officials insist that voters are still able to cast valid ballots despite the fact that a large number of ballots are being misread.


“We have two tabulators, one of the tabulators is not working. The other tabulator is taking about 75 percent successful, so 25 percent of them are being misread. and it could be a printer issue or it could be the tabulator itself,” one election worker in Anthem explained.

Yvonne Wingett Sanchez of the Washington Post reports that “about 10% of polling places are experiencing problems with tabulators” in Maricopa County. Election officials are saying that voters will be accommodated despite the problems. “Advice for Voters: If a tabulator is not working at a site, you can still vote! You have the option to cast your ballot and place it into the secure ballot box,” the Maricopa County Elections Department tweeted. “The poll workers on site at the voting location are best equipped to help you ensure your ballot cast.”


Maricopa County was previously in the spotlight for numerous election irregularities in 2020. A forensic audit of the vote was resisted by county election officials but turned up numerous irregularities that may have impacted the results statewide. The county also reportedly replaced voting machines that were subpoenaed during the audit — but it’s not known if there’s any connection between the replaced machines and the problems currently being experienced.

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There were also problems being reported in Pima County, Arizona, though they have been resolved.

Arizona has two widely watched elections, the gubernatorial election between Democrat Katie Hobbs and Republican Kari Lake, and the U.S. Senate election between incumbent Mark Kelly (D) and Republican Blake Masters. Both elections are expected to be close.

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