Did Joe Biden Know about the FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago? The Answer is Obvious.


On Wednesday, Joe Biden made his first public comments regarding the historic FBI raid that took place the previous day at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. Peter Doocy, the White House correspondent for Fox News, asked, “Mr. President, how much advance notice did you have of the FBI’s plan to search Mar-a-Lago?”

“I didn’t have any advance notice,” Biden insisted, rather defensively. “Zero. Not one single bit.”

The White House insisted from the start that they had no involvement in the raid. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted multiple times that literally no one in the White House had any role in the investigation of Trump or knew about the raid. I can’t imagine anyone believed that. Someone at the White House had to know, and the insistence that nobody had any knowledge was a hard pill to swallow. It also didn’t help that Jean-Pierre used the Obama administration’s go-to talking point that the White House first found out about it through media reports.

So, Biden’s denial wasn’t shocking. That’s their story and they’re sticking to it, no matter how implausible.

But who really believes that no one in the White House, not even Joe Biden, knew about the raid?

I certainly don’t.  And neither does Mike Davis, the head of the judicial advocacy group the Article III Project (A3P).

“We know that that White House Deputy Counsel … Jonathan Su … has been working with the [National] Archives for three months and that President Biden had to make the determination himself, as the president, whether he was going to waive executive privilege for the former president,” Davis told Fox News’ Jesse Watters. “That is an unprecedented waiver of executive privilege that led to this criminal investigation and this raid, this unprecedented, unnecessary, and unlawful raid on Biden’s former political rival and his future political rival.”

It was widely assumed at the time that Biden’s decision to waive executive privilege on Trump administration records was made to allow the J6 Committee access to them in their witch hunt, but according to White House memos reviewed by Just the News, Biden’s action effectively eliminated a potential legal defense Trump’s team might use in a battle with the FBI over access to the documents.

We know Biden informed the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) that it had the authority to continue to demand additional documents. But, we’re expected to believe that this was where the White House’s involvement ended? Sorry, not buying it. Everything points to a larger plot to bring down President Trump. This is the reason why the White House has made such a large number of absurd claims about how they were unaware of the investigation or the raid—they know it’s backfiring.

Mike Davis agrees.

“This is a political witch hunt, a political fishing expedition on President Trump,” he told Watters, “because the Biden administration knows that President Trump declassified and made personal a copy of the Crossfire Hurricane Records—Russian collusion records—those records are very damaging politically to Obama, Biden, Hillary, the FBI, the intel community, and that’s why they went to this biased judge in Florida and got this unprecedented home raid on a former president to get back these documents.”


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