Radical Trans Ideology Being Taught in Mass. High School Biology Class

(Richard Alan Hannon/The Advocate via AP)

A biology teacher at a Massachusetts high school is teaching students radical leftist gender theory instead of biology.

According to Parents Defending Education (PDE), some students at Needham High School interpreted the lesson as the teacher “trying to show kids that wanting to change your sex is a feeling that is common throughout nature.”


According to PDE’s report, the teacher taught students that “humans are socially conditioned to view sex and gender as binary” and told them to use “language that removes gendered terms to talk about bodies” to make sure “people with diverse (a)sexualities, (a)genders, bodies, and (a)romantic orientations are included and respected.”

Slides shown to students were included in PDE’s report and reveal the misinformation and propaganda that the students are being taught.

For example, one slide shown to students claims that 2% of the population is intersex. This is false.

“The claim that nearly 2% of the population is intersex is preposterous and deliberately deceptive — the actual number is .018%, or about one out of 5,000,” Erika Sanzi, the Director of Outreach at PDE, said in a statement to the Daily Caller. “Perhaps most absurd is the implication that biological sex in humans is fluid, or can literally change, because it happens to be true of non-human species like clownfish and tree frogs.”


“Needham High School promised a science class and instead delivered a pseudoscience class,” Sanzi said. “The slides shared by the biology teacher are harmful and wrong because they are factually inaccurate, sow confusion and rely heavily on regressive sex stereotypes.”

Making the situation worse is that this teacher hasn’t gone rogue but has the support of the school principal, Aaron Sicotte. “We are proud of the programs we offer all students and continue to work hard to ensure all curriculum materials and resources appropriately reflect the needs of a diverse student body and the standards, values, and high academic expectations of the Needham community,” Sicotte told the Washington Free Beacon.

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But not everyone is happy. A Needham High School alum who spoke with PJ Media says he’s disappointed in his alma mater for embracing radical gender theory.

“I don’t know who’s pushing this, whether it’s the school board or higher up in the county or state, since this sadly is an extremely liberal state,” he told PJ Media. “If my child was in the Needham school system and I found this out, I would 100% be at those school board meetings ensuring they do their actual jobs to teach and not preach, as I’m proud that other parents have been taking a stand across the country.”


The alum, who graduated from Needham High School in 1999, believes that students should be taught scientific and biological facts, not radical gender theory. “There’s a huge difference between actually being inclusive and teaching this woke curriculum.”


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