White House Desperately Seeking Accomplishments to Brag About

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

On Saturday, the White House sent a memo to the media touting the “enormous amount” Biden got “done for the American people” this year despite “unprecedented crisis and opposition from Congressional Republicans.”

Aside from taking credit for economic growth resulting from the country reopening after the lockdowns, the memo is a hilarious take on what the White House believes are accomplishments by Joe Biden. For example, they point out that more than 71% of American adults are fully vaccinated, yet less than one percent of Americans were fully vaccinated at this time last year. Gee, why was it so low then? Maybe because the first doses of the Pfizer vaccine were administered in mid-December of last year? Why didn’t they use the percentage of fully vaccinated adults when Biden took office?

Similarly, the White House boasts “historic economic growth” as if it had anything to do with Biden and not with the country opening back up after the lockdowns.

But perhaps the silliest “achievement” the White House brags about — which tells you how desperate they were to pad the list with anything, no matter how ridiculous — was that the “price of gas at the pump has decreased nearly 10 cents since its peak, and continuing [sic] to fall.”

The memo doesn’t mention that gas prices peaked in November at $3.43/gal, which is roughly a dollar per gallon more than when Biden took office. According to AAA, as of December 21, the national average price for a gallon of gas is $3.302/gal. But hooray for that 10 cents/gallon drop!

The Biden administration can barely even take credit for that tiny drop, either. While it’s true that Biden raided the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and that’s bound to cause a slight and temporary decrease in prices, the price of oil crashed at the end of November due to fears of more COVID-related lockdowns.

But apparently, even though Americans are still feeling the pain at the pump, we’re supposed to be grateful that prices have gone down 10 cents per gallon over the past month, and the Biden administration actually counts that as an accomplishment.

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This is hardly surprising. Over the summer, the White House shared a graphic boasting that the average Independence Day barbecue cost was down 16 cents over the previous year. You have to see it to believe that it wasn’t a Babylon Bee article.

That’s how desperate the White House was to distract the public from ongoing problems with inflation.

Earlier this month, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)  found a way to be even more ridiculous than the White House by posting a graphic touting a two-cent drop in the average price of a gallon of gas and then having the audacity to thank Joe Biden for the decline.

This is what happens when you don’t have enough good things to boast about. Nothing, no matter how small, is off limits, and neither is anything that you can’t legitimately take credit for. So whether it’s a questionable claim of saving a mere 16 cents off your Independence Day barbecue or a ten-cent drop in gas prices, the White House is truly desperate to come up with anything that resembles an accomplishment.



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