Democrats Keep Failing at Governing, so Why Do People Vote for Them?

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

How many times do we have to see Democrats fail miserably at governing before people stop putting them in power? Say what you want about Donald Trump’s unconventional style but he not only got things done, he proved to be far more competent at the job than anyone predicted. Despite the most hostile media in history and perhaps an unprecedented number of moles and traitors seeking to undermine him at every turn, President Trump brought us out of the malaise of the Obama years. Not that he would ever get credit for it.

On the contrary, despite his radically transformative policies, Obama failed to deliver the economic recovery he promised. His stimulus policy created a ton of debt but not many jobs or much growth. By his own standard, he should have been a one-term president.

When it came to getting the country out of economic crisis, Obama said, “if I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”

If only.

Obama wasn’t the first president to inherit a recession, but he sure acted like he was. Since World War II, there have been about a dozen recessions, all of which were followed by a recovery that regained all the lost jobs in 25 months, on average. Under Obama, it took 77 months — making his the worst economic recovery in history.

Obama’s presidency was a failure on multiple levels, yet he remains celebrated by the left today. Rather than acknowledge his policy failures, they create successes out of thin air. “Obama saved the auto industry,” “Obama had a scandal-free presidency,” and “Obama prevented Iran from getting nuclear weapons” are a few of my favorite myths that are easily debunked. Yet these lies persist just as stubbornly as the “Trump colluded with Russia” lie, thanks to the media perpetuating the narratives.

But the lies don’t change the fact that Obama’s presidency was a spectacular failure. And Joe Biden is determined to follow in his footsteps, though Biden’s presidency imploded quickly, whereas Obama essentially hobbled along for eight years.

After Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, it was somewhat encouraging to see the media acting like journalists and calling Biden out for his failure — something they never did under Obama — but that moment was short-lived. They now seem desperate to carry water for Biden again in hopes of minimizing the damage to the Democrats in the 2022 midterms and beyond.

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However, as evidenced by Biden’s approval ratings (which are still underwater), the public isn’t turning a blind eye to Biden’s failures as readily as they did under Obama. In truth, though, much of Biden’s failure is co-owned by his former boss, as Biden has primarily sought to undo what Trump did and restore the Obama-era status quo: record illegal immigration, high gas prices, inflation, etc. 

Both Biden and Obama took office with a one-party government, yet what did either of them have to show for it?

Despite the Democrats’ knack for creating problems instead of fixing them, they somehow convince enough people to vote for them every four years. It’s no coincidence that virtually everything Donald Trump predicted would happen if Biden became president has indeed happened. Why do Democrats keep getting the chance to create problems for Republicans to fix? 



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