DISGRACE: There Are Americans Still Stuck in Afghanistan

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan is no longer front-page news, but the sad reality is that there are still Americans stuck in the Taliban-controlled country.


A local NBC affiliate in Connecticut reported this past week that there are 43 Connecticut residents still in Afghanistan.

More than three dozen Connecticut residents are still trying to leave Afghanistan after American forces withdrew. Elected officials, relief organizations, and veterans groups are trying to get them out.

“Their school teachers are calling me asking me where are the students. The 10-year-old student from New Haven who is stuck in Kabul is sending me voicemail messages,” Chris George, executive director of IRIS said.

George is talking about some of the 43 Connecticut residents stuck in Afghanistan.

“They’re running out of food and yes, they are running out of hope,” George said.

This comes on the heels of a report from the Los Angeles Times earlier this month about 38 students from Sacramento who are still stuck in Afghanistan as well.

San Diego County students who had been unable to flee first made headlines. Then, it was discovered that Sacramento-area students were in the same predicament. The last U.S. planes departed around midnight Aug. 30, though not every American citizen was able to make it aboard.

Although the San Diego students’ situation was the most discussed, there appear to be more students from around Sacramento still in Afghanistan. …

There are dozens of Sacramento-area families still in the country, according to the San Juan Unified School District. Recently, three families — including seven students — made it back to the U.S. But about 38 students are still there.


How many other Americans and Afghan allies are still in the country? Who knows? All we can say is that all of them were left behind by the Biden administration.

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So why isn’t the media covering this more aggressively? They did a decent job back in August, but now stories of Americans Biden abandoned seem to be relegated to local news outlets. At least Fox News is still talking about it.



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