Woke CDC Cancels Women, Urging Vaccinations for Pregnant 'People’


Earlier this week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an “urgent health advisory” in which they urged “pregnant people” to get vaccinated against COVID-19.


That’s right, pregnant people, not pregnant women.

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends urgent action to increase Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccination among people who are pregnant, recently pregnant (including those who are lactating), who are trying to become pregnant now, or who might become pregnant in the future,” the health advisory reads. “CDC strongly recommends COVID-19 vaccination either before or during pregnancy because the benefits of vaccination outweigh known or potential risks.”

The CDC advisory cites several articles specifically referring to “women during pregnancy,” “women of reproductive age,” “hospitalized women giving birth,” “pregnant women,” and the like. It’s likely the decision to refer to pregnant “people” and not pregnant “women” was made within the Biden administration.

A search of the CDC website finds more references to “pregnant people,” sometimes even on the same pages as “pregnant women,” suggesting that the revised transgender-friendly language is due to a recent directive urging more woke language be used on newly published or revised text.

For example, on the CDC’s page “COVID-19 Vaccines While Pregnant or Breastfeeding,” which was updated on August 11, is the following paragraph:


Although the overall risk of severe illness is low, pregnant and recently pregnant people are at an increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19 when compared with non-pregnant people. Severe illness includes illness that requires hospitalization, intensive care, need for a ventilator or special equipment to breathe, or illness that results in death. Additionally, pregnant people with COVID-19 are at increased risk of preterm birth and might be at increased risk of other adverse pregnancy outcomes, compared with pregnant women without COVID-19.

There is other conflicting information on this page, where “pregnant people” is mixed with references to “women,” and several references used by the CDC for this page include articles specifically referring to “pregnant women,” “lactating women” and “breastfeeding women.”

That’s probably because only women can get pregnant or lactate or breastfeed. It seems inevitable that the scientifically and biologically correct language will eventually be completely purged from the site in future updates.

The CDC posted its new “urgent health advisory” on Twitter, accompanied by a graphic, featuring the absurdly woke references to “pregnant people.”


They were promptly mocked in the replies for their use of woke language.

The CDC has suffered the worst decline in ratings from the American public of any of the thirteen prominent agencies in a recent Gallop survey. “Americans’ job evaluations of eight prominent federal government agencies have fallen by double digits since 2019,” reported Gallup on Thursday. “The largest drop is for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with 40% now saying it is doing an excellent or good job, down from 64% in 2019. None of the 13 agencies measured in both 2019 and 2021 showed an increase in positive job ratings.”

This is most likely due to their poor job with the pandemic, but I can’t imagine the woke nonsense will help. If we can’t trust the CDC to acknowledge the biological fact that only women can get pregnant, why should we trust anything they say?


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