SHAME: Biden Claims United States Has 'Turned the Page' on Afghanistan

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

During his speech to the United Nations on Tuesday, Joe Biden had the audacity to claim that the United States has “turned the page” on the war in Afghanistan.

“I stand here today, for the first time in 20 years, with the United States not at war. We’ve turned the page,” Biden said. “All the unmatched strength, energy, commitment, will, and resources of our nation are now fully and squarely focused on what’s ahead of us, not what was behind.”

Biden made this claim even though there is an unknown number of Americans still trying to get out of the country. I suppose they no longer matter to him. They’re old news, not worth our attention or concern. Move along, folks, nothing to see here.

It’s obvious why Biden wants us to focus on “what’s ahead of us, not what was behind.” According to a recent poll, 70 percent of Americans agree that Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was a “national humiliation.”

Biden may want us to look away from Afghanistan, as there are still Americans in the country who want to get out but can’t. The Biden administration claimed that only 100 to 200 Americans were left behind in Afghanistan and now says only about 100 remain. However, one U.S. official said there would likely be over 5,000 American citizens left behind. The Biden administration has given us very little reason to trust their numbers. Last week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken testified that, according to the “best estimates,” there are “several thousand” U.S. green card holders still there. As Senator Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) noted, “These men and women are legal permanent residents of the United State. When America gives someone a green card, it’s a promise that their permanent home is here in the United States with us.”

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Biden also would love for us to look away from Afghanistan because his administration just admitted to killing an aide worker and seven children in a botched airstrike they originally bragged had killed an ISIS-K terrorist. The Biden administration also claimed that a separate airstrike killed two “high profile” ISIS-K terrorists, but they have refused to identify who these alleged terrorists are, raising questions as to whether the airstrike killed anyone at all, or perhaps just more civilians.

Could Biden be more shameless here? Even after that happened because of his incompetence, he still thinks what happened in Afghanistan was a successful conclusion and now it’s time to move on? Last week, State Department spokesman Ned Price conceded that the Taliban was preventing planes with Americans from leaving the country. That sure sounds like a hostage crisis, doesn’t it?

But no big deal, right? Let’s turn the page and move on. Let’s forget about the fact that Joe Biden tried to persuade Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to lie about the situation in Afghanistan so that he could look good while withdrawing from the country; that he left military weapons, equipment, and aircraft behind; and that he lied to Congress about Afghanistan’s stability in order to sell the withdrawal in the first place.

Of course, Biden wants to turn the page. He wants us to forget his humiliating disaster of a withdrawal and that 13 U.S. service members died because of his incompetence.

We still have people in Afghanistan, and Biden cares more about how Afghanistan is dragging his poll numbers down than about getting our people out of there.



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