Serial Groper Al Franken Eyes Political Comeback

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Al Franken resigned from the U.S. Senate in disgrace back in 2018 after being accused by radio news anchor Leeann Tweeden of kissing and groping her backstage at a USO show in 2006. A photo of Franken groping Tweeden while she was asleep quickly spread like wildfire, prompting many in his own party to call for his resignation.


According to a recent interview with a Massachusetts newspaper regarding a comedy tour starting on Saturday, Franken is considering a political comeback.

“I’m keeping my options open,” Franken said when asked about whether he might ever run for office again. “Right now my focus is on doing this [tour] and doing other stuff that is more politically blatant.”

Franken appeared to regret his resignation and cited pressure from his Democrat colleagues for the decision.

“Well, I wanted due process, but I had 36 colleagues and a majority leader who wouldn’t give it to me, so it was impossible. But you do have some regrets. It was a very weird, tough situation at that moment,” Franken explained. “I love the Senate. I love the work that I did.”

Franken also noted that several Democrats who called for his resignation have since apologized to him.

While that may be true, is it really possible for Franken to redeem himself? At least nine women have come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against him—clearly, the incident with Tweeden wasn’t a single lapse in judgment. In the wake of Andrew Cuomo resigning in disgrace over multiple accusations of sexual harassment and misconduct, it seems unlikely that Franken could successfully wage a comeback. However, Joe Biden had multiple accusations against him when he won his party’s nomination. So I guess anything’s possible.


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