Biden Passes on the 'Mission Accomplished' Photo-Op for 9/11 He Wanted So Badly

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Saturday marks the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks. Joe Biden so desperately wanted to use the occasion to declare “Mission Accomplished” in Afghanistan and receive all the glory and credit for ending the twenty-year war.


Biden ultimately completed his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan on August 30, but not without leaving an unknown number of American citizens behind. It was recently reported that Biden was planning to visit all three major 9/11 sites on the anniversary (Ground Zero in New York City, the Pentagon in Virginia, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania), but according to a report from CNN, Biden will not be making any public remarks.

“Biden is not planning to deliver major public remarks to mark the 20th anniversary; instead, his events on Saturday will include laying wreaths and observing moments of silence alongside his predecessors,” CNN reported Friday morning.

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However, Biden will appear in a White House-produced video reflecting on the attacks (and likely his late son Beau Biden). The White House will release the video on Saturday morning.

According to the report, Biden’s aides decided against a public address. Though the White House won’t admit it, this is likely a concession that the Afghanistan withdrawal was not an “extraordinary success,” as Biden described it on August 31, but rather an embarrassing failure. The botched withdrawal was set in motion by breaking the deal with the Taliban and arbitrarily moving the planned withdrawal from the country to September 11, 2021, for his desired victory photo-op. The past several weeks have been an endless attempt to spin Biden’s ending of an “endless war” into a success. But it seems enough of his advisors realized that a “mission accomplished” moment during 9/11 anniversary ceremonies, while thirteen American families are in mourning in the wake of the terror attack in Kabul and countless others are still stranded in the country, might not look so good. Some 9/11 families have also publicly expressed their opposition to Biden’s presence at 9/11 ceremonies, and that may have been a factor as well.


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Biden’s decisions put the Taliban back in charge in Afghanistan, turning our twenty-year commitment into an epic failure. It’s frankly still insulting that he’ll be visiting all three sites to lay down wreaths. Instead, Biden should be at the White House working on getting our people who’ve been left behind in Afghanistan out.



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