Joe Biden's Solution to Border Crisis: More Cages

U.S. Customs and Border Protection

The Biden administration has been under fire for months for its lack of response to the border crisis, which has illegal immigrants coming into the country at historic levels. We’ve previously highlighted problems with existing migrant facilities (previously dubbed “cages” during the Trump administration) like overcrowding and overall disgusting conditions. The Biden administration’s solution to the problem, it seems, is not to crack down on illegal immigration, but to build more facilities (read “cages”) to house them all.


According to a report from Breitbart, Border Patrol has announced that it will be constructing a new migrant detention facility in Laredo, Texas, to accommodate 500 migrants.

“The facility will be similar in appearance to other facilities constructed in Eagle Pass and Donna, Texas, earlier this year,” reports Breitbart. “The new facility will assist the agency in accommodating the influx of migrants that forced the agency to resort to outdoor detention recently as existing facilities face issues of overcrowding. According to Border Patrol officials, the facility will hire and employ contract medical, security, cleaning, and care staff for the migrants being housed.”

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The Donna, Texas, facility has come under fire for the overcrowded conditions. Back in March, Project Veritas released disturbing photos from inside the facility “showing people wrapped up in what looks like metal foil, lying on the ground, their faces covered.” There have also been reports of migrant children being sexually assaulted in these migrant facilities.


An identical facility was completed in April in Eagle Pass, Texas—which, after construction costs, costs taxpayers $6 million a month to operate.

It seems clear that the Biden administration has no interest in solving the border crisis. Instead of trying to reduce illegal border crossings, they’re building more facilities to accommodate the illegals invading the country.


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