Rock Legend Eric Clapton Says 'This Has Gotta Stop' In Anti-COVID Restrictions Anthem

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Earlier this year, famed singer/songwriter/guitarist Eric Clapton spoke publicly about his negative experience with the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, which he called “disastrous.”


“I took the first jab of AZ and straight away had severe reactions which lasted ten days, I recovered eventually and was told it would be twelve weeks before the second one,” Clapton said.

“About six weeks later I was offered and took the second AZ shot, but with a little more knowledge of the dangers,” he continued. “Needless to say the reactions were disastrous, my hands and feet were either frozen, numb or burning, and pretty much useless for two weeks, I feared I would never play again.”

Clapton has now released a new song, “This Has Gotta Stop,” which is believed to be a vaccine protest song, though it seems to cover various themes related to COVID restrictions.

“This has gotta stop, enough is enough,” the song begins. “I can’t take this BS any longer.”

“It’s gone far enough / If you wanna claim my soul / You’ll have to come and break down this door / I knew that something was going on wrong / When you started laying down the law”

Clapton also references the symptoms he experienced from the vaccine later in the song. “I can’t move my hands / I break out in sweat / I wanna cry / Can’t take it anymore”

The legendary guitarist also references the impact COVID restrictions will have on children, and what the future holds for them. “Thinkin’ of my kids / What’s left for them / And then what’s coming down the road.”


You can listen to the song below:

Clapton previously collaborated with Van Morrison in late 2020 on an anti-lockdowns song called “Stand and Deliver,” which begins, “Stand and deliver / You let them put the fear on you / Stand and deliver / But not a word you heard was true / But if there’s nothing you can say / There may be nothing you can do.”

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But perhaps the most powerful verse is this: “Magna Carta, Bill of Rights / The constitution, what’s it worth? / You know they’re gonna grind us down, ah / Until it really hurts / Is this a sovereign nation / Or just a police state? / You better look out, people / Before it gets too late.”


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