OUCH: Biden Lost CNN's Jake Tapper After Afghanistan Speech 'Full of Finger Pointing and Blame'

Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Invision/AP

Perhaps no other “journalist” epitomizes the anti-Trump media more than Jake Tapper. But even he didn’t swoon over Joe Biden’s speech addressing the fall of Afghanistan.


“You’ve been listening to President Biden speaking at the White House—forced to talk about the worsening crisis in Afghanistan. Forced to speak to the nation after the calamity of the Taliban, the takeover of Afghanistan. The president stated that he stands squarely behind the decision he made to withdraw all U.S. forces from Afghanistan even though he has, in fact, been forced to send roughly 6,000 back in. The president saying in fact that, if anything, the events of the last few days—this foreign policy and humanitarian disaster—proves to him that he made the right decision, given the fleeing of Afghan politicians from the country and the collapse of the Afghan military.

“The president said that the buck stopped with him but, in fact, this speech was full of finger-pointing and blame, especially for the Afghans […] He did not really get into or accept any blame for the catastrophic exit that we have been watching on television for the last several days.”


Ouch. That has to hurt. When Joe Biden loses Jake Tapper, you know he’s in big trouble.

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