Post-Apocalyptic Show About All Males Dying Promises to Kowtow to the LGBT Special Interest Lobby

Y: The Last Man logo. Screenshot from embedded trailer video.

Last week I wrote about the upcoming FX show premiering on Hulu in September called Y: The Last Man, based on the popular comic series of the same name. It’s a post-apocalyptic science-fiction series about all living mammals (including embryos and sperm) simultaneously dying, except for one man named Yorick and his Capuchin monkey named Ampersand.

It was hard to believe that a show based on this story would actually be produced in Hollywood today. As I wrote before, the premise blatantly undermines a key concept of modern radical leftist gender theory: men can become women, and vice versa. When we start talking about the actual science behind sex and gender, radical left-wing gender theory—which says men can become women and vice versa—collapses on its own absurdity.

Naturally, many proponents of radical left-wing gender theory were triggered by the news of the show being produced.

Out magazine accused the series of being “based on gender essentialism.”

“Stories based on a binary understanding of gender often boil down to rudimentary science that isn’t even accurate,” wrote The Beat.

Clearly, the show’s producers were aware of the criticisms of the source material and, like with so many other things in Hollywood today, chose to ruin the show rather than leave it alone and shelve it.

For starters, the show added a transgender man (read: woman) character to the show, which will, according to the casting call, be played by a transgender actress. Arguably, that’s hardly enough to ruin the show, but trust me, it gets worse. On Friday, Gizmodo reported that the show will “explore how sex doesn’t define gender.”

How so? How is that possible when the foundation of the show relies entirely on the actual science of sex and gender, not the “feelings” of radical left-wing gender theorists?

According to showrunner Eliza Clark and FX CEO John Landgraf, the comic series’ “binary presentation of gender has been updated significantly for the new series, with new characters and story elements added specifically to include a fuller gender spectrum.”

“One of the things the show will make clear is that there are women with two X chromosomes and men with an X and Y chromosome — but there are also women with two Y chromosomes and men with two X chromosomes,” explained Landgraf. “So what happened was all the mammals with a Y chromosome — with the exception of this one man and this one monkey — died in one event. But there are numerous men in the show that had two X chromosomes, and they’re important characters. It’s also made clear that a number of women died that day who had a Y chromosome and probably didn’t even know it.”

“What was exciting about the book was it takes this kind of idea that a world filled with mostly women … is not necessarily a paradise. Because women uphold systems of oppression — like patriarchy and white supremacy and capitalism. And that can be explored within that,” added Clark. “Because gender is diverse and chromosomes are not equal to gender. So in our world of the show, every living mammal with a Y chromosome dies. Tragically, that includes many women. It includes nonbinary people and includes intersex people.”

Landgraf added that they worked closely with radical LBGTQ groups like GLAAD, seeking their input. “We’ve worked really hard to get that right. I’m confident when members of the trans community watch the show you will feel that nuance will be reflected.”

Did you hear that sound? That’s the sound of my interest in watching the show crashing to the ground.

Why are the producers of Y: The Last Man kowtowing to the LGBTQ lobby? According to my research, the prevalence of intersex is approximately 0.018 percent, and the percentage of transgender adults is 0.58 percent of the United States population. Yet, for some reason, the “modernized” version of the story doesn’t simply have to account for them but placate their precious feelings. But it won’t work. Heck, if the show doesn’t have transgender women (read: men) surviving the plague, it will always speak to the truth about gender and sex: that sex and gender are determined by biology, not feelings. Why is that? Because the mantras “transgender men are men” and “trangsender women are women” are proven false in this show’s universe.

Just like they are false in ours.


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