Report: White House Is 'Actively Discussing an Exit Strategy' For Dr. Fauci

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Senator Rand Paul, who has infamously hammered Dr. Anthony Fauci during recent Senate hearings, is calling on the White House to fire Fauci after thousands of his emails were released as the result of a FOIA request.


“Told you,” Senator Paul tweeted with the hashing #firefauci. “Can’t wait to see the media try to spin the Fauci FOIA emails.”

The emails contain a number of bombshells, including Fauci, in his own words, saying that face masks don’t protect people from COVID-19. Fauci originally advocated against mask wearing, before he became a strong advocate for it, and eventually recommended double-masking. Another email from a scientist suggests that the virus may have had a man-made component (that researcher eventually walked back that claim). Fauci repeatedly publicly refuted the man-made virus theory for a year before flip-flopping, possibly to protect his own connections to funding “gain-of-function” research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Now, according to Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec, White House officials are “actively discussing an exit strategy” for Dr. Fauci.


If true, this is long overdue. This report has not been confirmed by another source, but, for what it’s worth, former Trump administration official Peter Navarro said last week he believes Fauci will be gone within 90 days.

“I want to put this on the record,” he told Steve Bannon. “Fauci’s gonna be gone within 90 days.”

If Fauci is gone soon, I think many of us will celebrate.


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