This Is No Time for Republicans to Back Down

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There’s evidence of fraud everywhere. Litigation is pending in several states. Trump’s lawyers have a substantial number of affidavits alleging systemic voter fraud in contested states. But the mainstream media, as well as a number of conservative outlets, are saying the writing is on the wall, that Trump lost the election, and it’s time for him to concede.

Democrats subjected us to four years of conspiracy theories about Russia, changed votes, collusion, and treason. These weren’t allegations limited to fringe left-wing kooks on social media. High-level elected Democrats repeated these claims. The mainstream media promoted them.

Even Hillary Clinton still says the 2016 election was “stolen” from her. “I was the candidate that they basically stole an election from,” Clinton said just last month during a podcast interview with the New York Times. “I was the candidate who won nearly three million more votes. So no matter how they cut it, it wasn’t the kind of win that people said, ‘OK, it wasn’t my candidate, but OK.’ This election is still front and center in people’s psyches. And people fight about it every day online, because there is a deep sense of unfairness and just dismissiveness toward his victory, and he knows it.” So she’s allowed to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the 2016 election for years, but Trump can’t get a few weeks to collect and present evidence of voter fraud that may actually change the result of the election?

But conservatives are supposed to sit down and shut up when there’s evidence of widespread fraud and accept the alleged results without these allegations being investigated? That’s how we prove that we’re better than the Left, by conceding defeat just because they say we’ve lost? Even 30 percent of Democrats believe the election was likely stolen from President Trump. Don’t we owe it to the American people to settle the ultimate question of who legitimately won the 2020 election?

Democrats have never taken well to losing at the ballot box. With the exception of Gerald Ford, articles of impeachment were filed against every Republican president since Eisenhower. This is a fact even Snopes doesn’t deny, though Snopes is quick to note that not every attempt was taken seriously by the entire party. One of the presidents was Richard Nixon, and yes, that impeachment had bipartisan support and was ultimately the reason Nixon resigned, but there’s an undeniable pattern here that Democrats don’t take well to defeat, and instinctively attempt to “reverse” the results of elections they lose the same way you pull your hand away from an open flame. The only president they successfully impeached was Donald Trump—all for a crime that was actually committed by Joe Biden. Nancy Pelosi even admitted that despite the futility of the goal of removing Trump from office, she was happy enough with the fact that Trump had been “impeached forever.”

Republicans are repeatedly expected to rise above the Democrats—which is to say let them win even when they have played dirty. Are we proving ourselves to be better than Democrats because we let them cheat? What does that prove other than that Republicans will let Democrats walk all over them, effectively empowering them to continue their dirty tricks?

“Election integrity lawsuits are about one thing: election integrity,” says Trump campaign legal adviser Jenna Ellis. “Don’t let Dems get away with pretending we want to overturn legal and accurate results. That’s what they already did by illegally changing the rules.”

Members of Trump’s legal team, which includes Ellis, Sidney Powell, Lin Wood, and Rudy Guiliani, are fighting hard to get the evidence its due time in court. Do we really believe they would put their professional reputations on the line if they weren’t confident in the evidence they’ve collected so far?

Democrats, however, aren’t acting particularly confident.  Lawyers fighting for Trump are receiving death threats. Social media is “fact-checking” any statement questioning the legitimacy of the election. If Biden was really confident that he won legitimately, he would welcome these challenges, but he won’t.

Trump has proven repeatedly that Republicans can succeed if they’re willing to fight. Trump didn’t back down after the huge onslaught of bogus attacks on Brett Kavanaugh’s character. Trump didn’t back down when Democrats warned him not to nominate a replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the 2020 election. Trump knew the undeniable truth: if the parties were reversed, a Democrat president would have done exactly what he did. Trump knows that Democrats see politics as an ongoing gunfight, and the only way to compete is to not keeping showing up with just a knife.

When things are fair, we’ll win some battles, and lose some too. But we aren’t proving ourselves to be “better” than the Democrats by backing down.


Matt Margolis is the author of Airborne: How The Liberal Media Weaponized The Coronavirus Against Donald Trump and the bestselling book The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama. You can follow Matt on Twitter @MattMargolis

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