Mitt Romney Admits To Using Shadow Twitter Account 'Pierre Delecto'

(AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

On Sunday, Slate’s Ashley Feinberg wrote about what she believed was a Twitter account that was being secretly used by Senator Mitt Romney, user @qaws9876, or Pierre Delecto.


This account joined the site in July of 2011, just one month after Romney announced his run for president. The majority of people it follows are either political reporters, politicians, political operatives, or pundits. Though it also follows noted big redhead from Boston Conan O’Brien. Pierre Delecto appears to be a fan of the late-night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, too, as well as current and former NFL players Tom Brady and Brett Favre, respectively.

Pierre Delecto currently follows 702 accounts, which is a few more than the 668 Romney admitted to Coppins, but it’s certainly possible to follow 30 additional accounts over the course of a few weeks, especially for a user that appears to have recently upped its Twitter activity.

After laying out a substantial amount of circumstantial evidence, Feinberg’s suspicion was later proven correct. Within hours, confirmation came that Romney is Pierre Delecto.


The account is now private, but Romney used the shadow account to like tweets critical of President Trump, and defend himself. Why he needed this shadow account to do that is curious. Is Romney so thin-skinned that he’d use an alter ego to defend himself on Twitter? Is he so petty that he felt he needed a shadow account to bash President Trump? We’ve been aware of Romney’s true colors for some time now, and whatever you think about Trump’s Twitter habit, at least he doesn’t hide behind a pseudonym.


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