WARNING: Destroying the Right Is Why the Dems Are Doubling the IRS, Giving Agents 'Deadly Force'

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On Wednesday, Rep. Ted Budd (R-N.C.) gave Democrats on the House Rules Committee an opportunity to choose between doubling the size of the IRS by giving the federal tax agency 87,000 more agents or taking two desperately needed steps towards restoring the security of the U.S. border with Mexico.


The two steps needed at the border were completing the wall begun by former President Donald Trump and hiring more than 20,000 additional Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, judges, and attorneys.

Put simply, Budd told the Democrats to choose — Do you want to harass millions of middle-class Americans with costly, time-consuming, and often scary tax audits, or do you want to begin stopping the uncountable flood of illegal immigrants crossing into the country, along with the unprecedented inundation of fentanyl that has killed more than 100,000 Americans?

They chose the IRS agents.

This means they also chose to keep the floodgates open at the border, even though more than 50 individuals on terrorist watch lists are known to have entered in recent months, and it doesn’t matter that illegal drugs from China via the Mexican drug cartels are ravaging America.

Which raises an important question: Why are Democrats so determined to double the size of the IRS, making it bigger than the Pentagon, State Department, CBP, and FBI combined?

And that in turn raises another important query – Why is the IRS buying millions of rounds of ammunition and thousands of weapons, far more than needed to equip the 2,000 or so armed agents in the agency’s Criminal Investigations unit with “deadly force”?

You don’t have to dig too deeply into recent history to find the probable answer to these two questions about Democrats and the IRS. Let’s take a little history tour:

  • You will never read about it in the Mainstream Media these days, but throughout the 1990s, President Bill Clinton and Democrats in Congress used the IRS to harass the Heritage Foundation and other conservative think tanks and activist groups, as well as evangelical ministries, with repeated audits.

Audits cost money and consume time, contributors’ dollars, and staffers’ hours that those groups would otherwise have devoted to conducting the research and communicating the facts about what Clinton and the Democrats were doing. It was a form of guerrilla warfare in which the IRS was stealthily weaponized against the Right.

  • Now fast forward to 2010 and the Obama years. Remember Lois Lerner and the IRS harassment of the Tea Party, other conservative political activist organizations, and evangelical Christian groups? This was a serious escalation from the guerrilla warfare of the Clinton era.

The Tea Party provided the energy and votes that put Republicans back in the majority in the House in 2010 and came very near getting the Senate as well. And a strong case can be made that without Lerner’s IRS harassment, Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign would have been defeated.

The Republican-controlled House voted overwhelmingly in 2015 to hold Lerner in contempt of Congress for refusing to answer a single question about her actions, and she was able to retire on a nice, fat, taxpayer-enabled pension. Nobody in then-Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, who aided and abetted Lerner, was ever disciplined either.


In other words, Democrats have a history of politically and illegally weaponizing the IRS against Republicans, conservatives, and evangelical Christians, or roughly half the voting population of America.

Are you seeing the pattern yet?

Think about it — Democrats and their Mainstream Media allies successfully weaponized the DOJ, FBI, and CIA against Trump during the 2016 campaign and then throughout his four years in the Oval Office. That Trump accomplished as much as he did despite the unending assaults was a miracle.

And let’s not forget that the Democrats lied to FISA judges, illegally spied on and manipulated private American citizens, blatantly entrapped Michael Flynn in the White House, created out of whole cloth the Russia and Ukraine scandals thereby inciting two failed impeachments, and used intelligence community assets late in the 2020 campaign to protect Joe Biden from the consequences of his aiding, abetting, and lying about his knowledge of the activities of his corrupt son, Hunter.

And these same actors just this week used the FBI to mount an unprecedented raid bearing the unmistakable hallmarks of a false evidence-planting operation on Trump’s private home.

The raid was based on a search warrant authorized by a judge who was once one of Michael Epstein’s favorite lawyers. And nobody from Biden to Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray will answer a single question from journalists or anybody else about it.


You think there is anything these people won’t do?

Given that context and that history, it seems obvious why the Democrats are now so desperately committed to doubling the size of the IRS workforce — the Left is tired of tolerating any dissent from anybody, but especially from those on the Right.

They are determined to use the full force of the federal government to crush their political enemies on the Right for good. Conservative think tanks, advocacy groups, and evangelical ministries had better be prepared for what’s coming because it will be devastating.

Republicans may yet regain at least a House majority in November and perhaps the Senate majority as well. But GOP business-as-usual will be the death rattle of the American Republic.

Come January, Kevin McCarthy and his newly elected majority had better be ready and willing to utilize every one of what political science scholars Willmoore Kendall and George Carey called the “ultimate weapons” the Constitution gives Congress to ensure it can defeat either the President or the Supreme Court. Ours is a “legislative supremacy” constitutional republic.

Those ultimate weapons include oversight, reducing or eliminating executive branch workforces, rewriting department, agency, and program authorizations, withdrawing regulatory authority, reducing or defunding budgets, holding uncooperative witnesses and administration officials in contempt, and impeachment, among others.


All of these are leverage points for forcing Biden and the Democrats to end their war on half of America and agree to reforms that are desperately needed to put America back on the road to health.

Of course, Biden, the Democrats in Congress, the Mainstream Media, the Woke cultural and corporate ramparts, and the violent demonstrators will mobilize like never before. Congressional Republicans will feel like they are refighting the losing battle of the Alamo.

But the Constitution gives them leverage that the opposition cannot overcome if only the Republicans will stand together and refuse to surrender. If they fail, whatever happens in 2024 simply won’t matter.


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