Playbook 2022 and Beyond: Take No Prisoners

President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a rally Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

(Trigger warning: This piece contains an extended sports metaphor.)

Newsmax TV political commentator Dick Morris told a vast majority of conservative and Republican viewers pretty much everything they wanted to hear about 2022 and beyond in a New Year’s Eve 2021 segment. Morris thinks that the Republicans will win the House by a numerical order of magnitude, tip Senate control, and that in 2024 former President Trump will run and win.


One can’t help but recall how Mr. Morris fell from grace at Fox News with propitious predictions about how Mitt Romney would triumph over Barack Obama in 2012.  Of course, in fairness, Morris couldn’t have known how badly Romney would fumble his chances in the final minutes. One way to look at this is to hope that Morris is still employed at Newsmax after November 8, 2022.

No, but seriously, signs do seem to point to a GOP rout this year. Lib-weighted polls have Biden down big league. There’s a general sense that he can’t recover. The chronicle of his administration’s tenure reads like passages from the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Even Morris’s old employer, Hillary Clinton, perhaps eyeing a ’24 run, is sounding the alarm about how the Democrat Party is alienating the Great Purple Swath they need to win

It is a big-time Debbie Downer at this point to consider that all these rosy predictions may be dead wrong.  And the biggest downer of all is “The Donkey in the Room.” If (or when?) the Democrats deploy another successful Big Cheat, using both illegal and quasi-legal means, Morris’s predictions in retrospect will be worth about as much as a case of cloth face masks. (Author’s note: I believe the so-called “Big Lie” is actually the Absolute Truth.)


But let’s proceed, for the sake of discussion, from the standpoint that the Left will not be able to cheat enough in 2022, in enough key state races, to turn back a GOP-friendly outcome. It’s a big ask, but if we proceed from a conviction that the fix is irreparably in, no amount of column-writing or prognosticating will suffice to address the situation.

If Morris’s prediction becomes reality, as of the aforementioned November 8 Republicans and conservatives will to a greater or lesser extent be celebrating full control of both houses, a full two-thirds of the levers of national political power. The donkey in the room will be deader than a doornail.

Continuing with the Morris scenario, Donald Trump will take the field in late ’22 and early ‘23 with a campaign beneficently overarched by GOP-controlled governance.

At evermore anticipatory and motivational rallies across the country, Trump will begin to move the ball rhetorically against leftist operatives and a Deep State that worked so hard to stall his winning drive in 2020.  Meanwhile, his braintrust will begin the process of virtually benching any Never-Trump RINO nay-sayers who managed to avoid elimination in the midterm purge. This will be achieved by craftily associating them with terrible crime rates, Biden’s humiliating Afghanistan denouement, debilitating inflation, communistic spending, and draconian COVID policies tethered to an entirely botched COVID response largely absent any scientific basis.


As the pro-Trump rallies become more heavily attended and more frenzied, the candidate will run up the middle against his media adversaries, keeping them on their heels as they spew bromides from a depleted ideological playbook.

In later 2024, Trump will switch to a long-ball game, with calculated strikes against whatever Democrat nominee is eventually chosen to salvage a neutered party and mitigate the damage of an astoundingly bottom-barrel season.

Trump may go for devastating short-yardage on a quarterback sneak, with a late-stage stump-soliloquy about Russia-gate and other such lies, when failed-propagandists like Adam Schiff attempt a last-ditch, disreputable “Hail, Mary” pass.

On Election Day 2024, if Dick Morris’s encouraging predictions come true, Donald Trump will win by margins that preclude any cheating manufactured in those dens of ethical iniquity known as the inner-city Democrat-run counting houses.

The post-mortem on the Left will include analysis of everything the Democrats could have done over four years to forestall their utter and complete annihilation. But they will not have done any of them, and nobody believes they ever would have done any of them.

To paraphrase Hellraiser’s Pinhead, suffering among the Democrats, especially on the far-left and in the media, “will be legendary, even in Hell.”


In the NFL, rebuilding years often follow disastrous seasons, and President Trump’s first second-term year will be like that. It will take a ground-up restoration to bring Team U.S.A. back from a presidential tenure that will have made Jimmy Carter’s years of malaise look like a promising .500 record.

Trump, in a stunning, historical, America First march to victory over his Commie/globalist adversaries, will avenge a faux-defeat that threatened the very foundations of a nation.

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