Paging Dr. Fauci on Gain-of-Function Research

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There’s a conservative media wolfpack surrounding alleged trickle-down National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding that may have found its way into the hands of the bat-virus juggling scientists at China’s death-dealing Wuhan lab.


Senator Rand Paul, a man of conviction if not one who conservatives always agree with, looms as the elected official who is scientifically (political science, as it were) experimenting with the notion that National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Director Anthony Fauci might end up going down in history not as a dutiful public official but a rogue amongst the faces of death in the COVID gallery.

Not up to speed on microbiological “gain-of-function” research? Get there, here.

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In Eugene Burdick and Harvey Wheeler’s novel Fail-Safe, nuclear mutually-assured destruction (MAD) deployed by the U.S. and USSR against each other is triggered by an accident. The leaders of the two nations devise a horrific bargain to minimize what nevertheless ends up being an appalling loss of human life. The thing about the agents of viral research is that once a souped-up bug finds its way out of the lab there is the possibility of an Apocalypse.

Fauci’s potential road to ruin may be indirect, as the funding apparently went through an intermediary, EcoHealth Alliance. That’s not stopping Senator Paul from flat-out accusing Fauci of lying. If it is incontrovertibly shown that Anthony Fauci is in any way connected to NIH gain-of-function funding to Wuhan—he wanly denied it under Paul’s grilling—however circuitous, the director will metamorphize from an evasive, back-pedaling bureaucratic globalist to a culpable figure in the pandemic nightmare that has taken millions of lives and damn near killed-off the American economy.


Just when it seems the Deep State swamp might be perceived as having reached impenetrable depths, new information kicks the bar down enough notches to place humanity at the threshold of perdition. How does US taxpayer money find its way to the Wuhan lab?  More circuitous circling back, and the following of money. At the direction of former President Trump, the NIH canceled the funding in April of 2020.

Fact: laboratories across the globe, including several in the United States, are burning midnight oil attempting in the name of research to transmogrify essentially harmless-to-human viruses into more virulent viruses. As Paul has noted, these labs are ostensibly making animal viruses stronger as part of a regimen of study—to prevent future pandemics. But analysts and industry experts are picking up the Rand Paul ball, and running with warnings about how the death count yield from a 1% fatal virus like COVID could jack up into the realms of the 1918-1919 flu pandemic (an estimated 50 million dead) should a higher-mortality bug like SARS find its way out of a s%$t-hole lab like Wuhan.

Or a laboratory near you.

In H.G. Well’s novel The War of the Worlds, an earthly virus ends the Armageddon invasion of malign extraterrestrials. Fact: white explorers and settlers from Europe carried diseases for which they had unknowingly developed immunities, and catastrophically culled the populations of indigenous peoples. Microbiologic reality is a fact of life on Earth. But nobody then was taking viral infections out of bats, rats, mice, and rhesus monkeys and working diligently to increase their vitality, and in the process make them potentially more lethal to human beings.


Now, in the wake of credible allegations that the Fauci-associated NIH and NIAID helped indirectly fund and facilitate research on the 1% bug that either mutated naturally or found its way into a lab where it was “tweaked” for maximum efficiency and got away, the public awakens to a new alarm. The “what ifs” mutate like viruses.

Paging Dr. Fauci.




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