President Trump's Other Wall

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I’m talking about the former Blue Wall, now turned a Republican shade of red.

Too soon to start talking about the 2018 midterms, or the next presidential contest in 2020? We don’t have any choice.


Given what we’ve seen from the Democrat left since Inauguration Day (and before), it is important to recognize the common sense and wisdom shown by Democrat and Independent crossovers from Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. It is equally important for our new president to convince them by the actions of his administration to keep voting the way they voted in 2016.

They’d seen enough of what President Obama’s progressive transformation had wrought, and rejected it’s continuance in the form of abysmally bad candidate Clinton and the whole shebang of the subversively transformative left.

What we’ve seen is a party in open collusion with the so-called mainstream media, an eventuality that has neutered the last measure of credibility held by many in the Fourth Estate. President Trump is correct when he condemns left-leaning journalists for being part of the opposition party; the truth is out, and the American people know it.

We’ve seen what happens when the entrenched left doesn’t get its way, and finds its stranglehold on power broken. Demonstrations, yes, and a continual state of protestation will always be with us now. A considerable fringe of that protest will come in the form of violent riots that destroy property, threaten the safety of citizens, and shut down free speech.

Adjunct to this manifest angst in the streets will be the unconscionable sniping, individuals who go after the president’s children, and those who take their dissent to the very front lawns of elected officials they don’t agree with.  There has never been such a show of hatred for a duly elected president in our history, his family, or toward the millions of people who voted for him.


The Red Wall must hold to ensure that the far-left Democrats never regain the levers of power. The consequences of such an outcome has been made abundantly clear by the insane reaction to the president’s efforts to enact sane immigration policy, most specifically highlighted now by Mr. Trump’s travel ban on people from a selection of war-torn, predominantly Muslim countries.

In the shameful act of attempting to legislate from the bench what they cannot win at the ballot box, the activist judicial left is endangering the ability of the people of the United States to decide what kind of country they want to live in.

As Sean Hannity has made clear, we shall know exactly who will be held secondarily accountable, who will have “blood on their hands,” should any of the refugees or immigrants pouring unchecked into our nation commit acts of violent, deadly terror in the United States.

But in the aftermath, the journalists, including the local ones, will sift through the rubble with long faces, reminding us to be nicer to immigrants. The comedians will hide behind their braying laugh tracks, and the triumphalist lawyers will all have slunk back under their rocks.

If a federal judge in Washington State, with an assist from the liberal Ninth Circuit Court, can enable the out-of-power left to negate the plenary powers of the executive branch to keep America safe from unlawful, unchecked, un-vettable immigration, imagine what such judicial fiats will be accomplishable  should Democrats  win back the White House, or the houses of Congress. One need only ruminate on some of the lowlights of the Obama administration—the IRS scandal, DACA, the Bergdahl fiasco, to name but a few—to get a sense of what a power structure dominated by the ideological heirs of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren and Harry Reid would mean for our Constitution.


It is commonly said that the country needs two viable parties to provide the checks and balances needed to sustain the representative, anti-totalitarian government envisioned by the Founders. Is that still true? Very few Zell Miller-style Democrats remain to speak out against the mad overreach of the social justice left. The leaders of Blue America invite alarming comparisons to the failed leadership of Western Judeo-Christianity’s biggest villain, arch-enemy of the principals of freedom, sovereignty, and cultural survival: Germany’s Angela Merkel.

Do Democrats seek to flood the nation with immigrants just to ensure votes in the future? Votes that we can only hope will never again carry the Electoral College in the northeastern states? I wonder if that analysis is too simplistic, too limited in its appraisal of motives, and ultimately too kind.

The staunchly progressive coastal precincts and inland Democrat bastions must be considered lost causes. These sanctuary territories are permanently off the reservation. It will depend on the reliable south, our rural redoubts, and the newly enlightened plurality in Red Wall country to forestall the reemergence of leftist power.

Since President Donald Trump turned the Blue Wall into a Red Wall, we’ve seen how the Democratic Party, returned to power, would destroy the values and traditions that made American great in the first place.


There is only one answer: Never again.

Too soon?  Too bad: Mike Pence 2024.


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