Worse than Nazis? Gun Owners


The ACLU has announced that it will not support the rights of groups that want to enjoy both the First and Second Amendments. ACLU Executive Director Anthony Romero told the Wall Street Journal that the “civil liberties group” will not represent hate groups who want to bear firearms while they exercise their right to free speech.


And in case you haven’t been following along, guess who the hate groups are? They are you and any group the left decides are “haters.”

“The events of Charlottesville require any judge, any police chief and any legal group to look at the facts of any white-supremacy protests with a much finer comb,” Romero told the Journal. “If a protest group insists, ‘No, we want to be able to carry loaded firearms,’ well, we don’t have to represent them. They can find someone else.”

This is a curious move considering there were numerous armed citizens and protestors at the Charlottesville riots and not a single shot was fired.  Here’s gun-hating Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s own description: “If you see people yesterday walking down the street yesterday with semi-automatic rifles strapped to their body,” he said. “I mean, they had better armor than my State Police and National Guard had.” So the attendees were better armed up than the police — actually not true — and still not a single shot fired?

The State Police contradicted McAuliffe’s anti-gun propaganda:

“No, the State Police did not have inferior equipment,” Geller told the Free Beacon on Monday. “Our personnel are equipped, and were equipped, with the necessary protective and tactical gear for their safety and, obviously, to protect those that were in attendance of the event.”

The State Police wouldn’t release details on exactly what kind of equipment they deployed at the protests but said they were appropriate for the conditions.

“We don’t release our tactical gear or anything of that nature for the protective purposes of our law enforcement,” Geller said. “They had the necessary inventory and gear that they needed for this event. There were no shots fired at the event or anything of that nature but our folks had the proper gear and tactical equipment they needed in order to safeguard themselves and everybody in attendance.”


The event at Charlottesville was a heated one to say the least — and still there was no Wild West shootout like the kind we are constantly warned about by the anti-Second Amendment alarmists.

My suspicion is that the ACLU is placating their cohort after coming under fire for defending the Nazis’ First Amendment protections. Here’s a bone, they probably thought: we’ll refuse to protect the rights of gun owners, who are worse than Nazis apparently.


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