Sanders: Superdelegates Are 'Problematic'

Presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders said on Sunday that he find the concept of “superdelegates” problematic.

“The whole concept of superdelegates is problematic,” he said on CBS’s “Face The Nation.”


Who can blame him? Hillary Clinton leads Sanders with 1614 delegates to his 856.  Of those delegates, 467 of Hillary’s are superdelegates, while only 26 of Sanders’ are.

All those  party hacks, VIPs, politicians and establishment cronies are really pushing Hillary into the lead.  No wonder Bernie’s supporters are always complaining about a rigged system.

Sanders urged superdelegates ” to listen to the people in their own state.”

“I just talked to a person the other day who said, ‘You know what? I am going to listen to my state, and if my state votes for you, Bernie, you’re going to have my vote.'”

“[If] it appears that I am the stronger candidate against Trump, I think you’re doing to see some superdelegates saying, ‘You know what, I like Hillary Clinton, but I want to win this thing. Bernie is our guy.'”

Good luck to you, Bernie!



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