Mozzarella-Gate Escalates: Man Files Suit Against McDonald's over Missing Cheese

Last week, I wrote about the mozzarella-stick scandal at fast food giant McDonald’s.

And now, someone is taking it to the next level.

A man in California is pursuing $5 million in damages from the fast-food giant for himself and 40 other consumers who were allegedly served mozzarella sticks with insufficient cheese, reports Eater.


Five million dollars in damages?!?

The suit alleges that the sticks are not “100% real cheese.” Instead, they are comprised of starch filler.


McDonald’s says it will mount a vigorous defense.

“Our mozzarella cheese sticks are made with 100% low moisture part skim mozzarella cheese,” McDonald’s said in a statement about the case. “We intend to defend ourselves vigorously against these allegations.”

Business Insider reports that the lawsuit was not “directly connected” to the social media outrage surrounding the mozzarella scandal.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of mozzarella-stick fans took to social media to register their disappointment upon ordering the new menu item, only to find there was no cheese beneath the breaded goodness. I, too, was a victim of the missing mozzarella but am not associated with the lawsuit.

Stay tuned for further developments.


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