Weekend Parting Shot: Now With 100% More Chablis

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Happy Friday, Gentle Readers,

We had to replace our dishwasher this week. My only demand was that it would not be a "smart" dishwasher.  We are tracked by enough devices, and I don't need to add a dishwasher to the list that will tell me that I am using too much water, haven't loaded enough dishes, or could stand to lose a few pounds. Alas, the new appliance does have a WiFi connection. So now I can look forward to spam from my dishwasher in my email. 


Down but not out

Most of us knew that Thursday's verdict was a study in foregone conclusions. At the same time, the hubris, avarice, naked rage, and ambition of the State of New York and the Left have had unintended consequences. 

As Matt reported earlier, the donations to the Trump campaign came in such a torrent that the site crashed last night, and the amount of cash the campaign has raised has been astonishing. Moreover, the fence-sitters, the undecided voters, people opposed to Trump and even some Democrats have had the scales fall from their eyes and understand they have to make a choice that has ramifications that reach beyond a presidential election. 

That said, people were celebrating last night and are doing so today. The usual suspects in the various legacy media are popping the champagne. You will also find these people in various comment sections, grocery stores, pubs, restaurants, street corners, and maybe even at church. 

They are celebrating because they either do not know or do not care that what happened on Thursday used to be unique to banana republics and dictatorships. They are celebrating because they can't see that they have become the very people they think they oppose. 


Hearing about all the victory laps the left took last night reminded me of a scene from the classic movie "Casablanca." That film has given us some of the best movie lines in history and an iconic song. One of the strongest scenes in the movie occurs in Rick's Café Americain. A contingent of occupying Nazis are gathered in the bar, hoisting drinks and singing the praises of the Fatherland. Then this happens:

Just something to keep in mind when the progressive in your life starts to strut and crow. You may not want to sing “La Marseillaise” or shout "Vive la France,” but you get the idea.

Wine recommendation

Because I promised to review a Chablis, and I finally managed to locate a bottle. 

Last night, we threw some chicken wings on the smoker and decided to try the 2020 Domaine des Chenevières Chablis.

Aside from being a very nice pairing, "Chablis and Chicken Wings" would make a great title for an album. Just sayin'. Chablis has often been used as a cooking wine for recipes that call for a dry white, and it is also great as a stand-alone for those who aren't interested in the buttery overtones of a traditional Chardonnay but might want something a little softer than a Sauvignon Blanc.


Look for a good dose of citrus in this wine with a little green apple, some peach notes, and a bit of pear. Mrs. Brown was able to detect a hint of fresh-cut grass. It is a nice mix of yellow and green fruits and overall, very drinkable and refreshing. You'll want to chill it a bit. It matches up with pork and most seafood dishes, and yes, it paired well with our chicken wings. I went easy on the seasoning while I was smoking the wings since seasoning can impact the taste of the wine during a meal.

That's it for me. Have a great weekend and I'll see you next time. 



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