Steve Schmidt Finds a New 'Nazi Dog Whistle' for Trump

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You know, hobbies are more than fun. They are a necessary part of life. They can give one a place to express one’s creative side, enjoy the outdoors, or improve one’s mind. If I ever get the time (or a life) I plan to take up a hobby, maybe model trains or jousting. Whatever I decide to do, it will be cool. Hobbies are also good for disgraced kabuki conservatives willing to beclown themselves while shilling for progressive bread crumbs and Scooby snacks on whatever is left of the legacy media.


Twitchy picked up on commentator Steve Schmidt’s recent foray into political fantasy fan fiction. All he needed to do was appear on MSNBC riding a griffin while waving a broadsword over his head. The purpose of Schmidt’s screed? The new Nazi dog whistle. The Left and their quislings are quite fond of them, you know.

I suppose Schmidt can fill those empty hours otherwise spent reminiscing about when he was almost relevant by hunting such whistles down. And he has found an alleged doozy, namely Trump’s recent statement about needing six months to get the government and the nation back into some semblance of order. It is actually both impressive and disturbing how Schmidt connected the dots:

Actually, this is the first I’ve ever heard of it, and I read plenty of history books. And I am relatively sure Schmidt would consider me one of the evil ones, even though my support for Trump is a little tepid. But when you are a rabid Leftist or a disgraced wannabe political operative, you have to get your fascism wherever you can find it. Of course, that does not include parading actual Nazis in front of the Canadian House of Commons. But that’s a whole other column.


How does Schmidt know this? Well, if one rules out the use of hallucinogenics, here is his line of thinking transcribed:

Now, since FDR’s time in office, the legislative metric in the United States has been 100 days, not six months. This is a racist code whistle to every white supremacist in the country because it’s how long it took Adolf Hitler to take Weimar Germany to a complete and total dictatorship.

That included, by the way, the military swearing an oath of allegiance not to the nation, but to the führer. And the military was the institution amongst many in Germany that were the last holdouts to this. But once he was in power, they were the first to submit.

And what Donald Trump is signaling to the officer corps of the American military, ‘You get in line behind me, the leader, not the idea, not the Constitution, or I’m coming for you, too.’ This is an epically dangerous moment.

So if we measure presidential success by the first 100 days, it’s normal. If we use six months, we are invoking the ghosts of the Third Reich. That’s some fuzzy math, buddy. By the way, Steve, you forgot the Rothschilds, the CFR, and the Roswell aliens. Need a couple of bucks for some tinfoil? I think I have a coupon here somewhere.

Judging by a post on the website Democratic Underground, the idea has taken hold. The post read, “Steve Schmidt on Joy Reid said if Trump wins in 2024, within 6 months the entire government will be dismantled. The Claremont Institute has the entire operation planned out. He remarked it is a dangerous game for Democrats to believe Trump would be the weakest candidate to run against.” Somebody better tell the Claremont Institute to clear its schedule. I don’t think it got that memo.


One can almost see the blood pressure rising among the Leftists. They are outrage junkies and need anger in much the same way that thrill-seekers crave adrenaline, so some of this is par for the course. On the other hand, the idea that there may be the slightest possibility that they might lose the chance to spend the rest of history sipping chardonnay, feasting on brie, and laughing at the proles is just too much to bear. Schmidt is just as good a tool as any. Imagine his surprise when, after the dust clears, he isn’t invited over for chardonnay and brie.


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