A New Low: Biden to Halt Familial DNA Testing at the Border

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There comes a time at which even the most hard-core, dedicated progressive wonks among us should finally admit that the Biden administration is nothing more than a self-serving, evil entity that cares nothing for the people who must labor under its policies. For conservatives, that became evident long ago. Some on the left seem to be turning the corner, and if the ones who haven’t aren’t convinced by this piece of news, there is simply no hope for them.


The administration has declared that as May ends, so will the practice of familial DNA testing at the southern border.

Just the News obtained a copy of the memo issued by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. It is short and to the point: CPB’s DNA collection contract with BODE Technologies ends on May 31 and with it, the process of familial DNA identification. DNA collections for the FBI will continue, but there will be no effort to make sure that children are crossing the border with their parents or identifying unaccompanied minors.

As expected, no rationale has been offered for this move, probably because no rationale exists. No matter how the Left might try to contort this policy into a positive development, it simply cannot be done. Perhaps those troublesome DNA tests were simply taking too long and slowing down the system of admitting people to the country. Just the News noted that the DNA program was implemented under Trump, in part to help identify issues with the cartels moving children into the country under the cover of fake family units. So this could be Biden marking his territory by undoing a Trump policy. The consequence, of course, will be more children being trafficked for forced labor, used to obtain government benefits, and worse yet, used as sex slaves.

You may recall that back in November, we told you about a story uncovered by Project Veritas while it was still under the aegis of James O’Keefe. That story highlighted the efforts of whistleblower Tara Lee Roda who had volunteered with the HHS Unaccompanied Children Program placing migrant children. Rodas said that most sponsors are not even relatives and that they hold the threat of deportation over the heads of the children should the kids not do as they’re told. Rodas was told by an executive with the agency, “Tara, I think you need to understand that we only get sued if we keep kids in care too long. We don’t get sued by traffickers. Are you clear? We don’t get sued by traffickers.”


It makes one wonder where all of the people who were up and arms over Trump separating families at the border. Shouldn’t that same care concern, and outrage be expressed over the elimination of a system that can help keep children from being used for fraud, or as slave laborers, drug mules, and prostitutes? Or is that not a concern of the Biden administration or the Democrats? Or are these children “acceptable losses” for the greater good and someone’s GS rating and pension?

Probably both. After all, ambition and avarice have long had homes in the federal bureaucracy.


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