Canada Skips the Escalator, Opts to Dive Headfirst Down the Slippery Slope

(Darrell Sapp/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette via AP)

It used to be that one needed to read Orwell or Huxley or even some of the lesser-known sci-fi authors to get a taste of what our dystopian future might look like. Now, you just need to gaze north toward Canada. Under Trudeau, Canucks seem to be experiencing new totalitarian terrors every day. And not all of them are opposed to some of the latest developments.


National Post reports that a recent survey by Research Co. indicated that approximately one-third of the Canadians who responded approved of the idea of offering assisted suicide to that nation’s homeless population. As of March of 2021, Canada approved allowing people to take part in the Medical Assistance in Dying or MAID program without having a “grievous and irremediable medical condition.” The same poll found that 73% of the respondents favored the “MAID regime,” with 16% in opposition to it.

If that is not disturbing enough for you, 27% were fine with people using the MAID program if their only issue was poverty. Twenty-eight percent said homeless people should be able to avail themselves of the programs. And to put the gruesome cherry on the top, 20% were fine with MAID being used for anyone who wanted to end their lives, no matter the reason. As National Post reported, “one fifth of respondents agreed with the sentiment ‘medical assistance in dying should always be allowed, regardless of who requests it.’ ”

Also unsettling is the fact that this is not a recent development. A February Angus Reid Poll found that 61% of respondents were comfortable with MAID. If there is a bright spot or thin, almost imperceptible silver lining to be found, it is this: “Just 31 per cent of Angus Reid Institute respondents thought it was a good idea. Among Research Co. respondents, 43 per cent backed MAID for the mentally ill against 45 per cent who did not.”


Does any of this sound familiar? It should. A similar version of this doctrine was once used in Germany. In a related story that I wrote in December, 180,000 psychiatric patients were euthanized in Nazi Germany between 1939 and 1945. The pool of candidates continued to increase during the Third Reich.

Is this a comparison between Canada and Nazi Germany? No, but it is a warning that once human life becomes cheap and it becomes more expedient to euthanize people who are suffering rather than try to help them find solutions a nation is on a very dangerous path. Throughout history, most horrific ideas were pitched as perfectly reasonable ideas. And very few people ever went directly to Hell without passing “GO” and collecting $200.


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