Did Mark Hamill Hang With Nazis on Twitter?

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“Every time you think, you weaken the nation.” — Moe Howard

I don’t know if you can gauge the intellectual firepower of a nation by looking at its culture. Good Lord, I hope not. But the sad fact is that popular culture probably reflects a nation’s values and mindset fairly accurately. In which case, we are well, royally sc****d.


Mark Hamill, who plays a Jedi Knight in the movies and apparently thinks he is one in real life, beclowned himself on Twitter recently. He was chatting up a group of Ukrainian soldiers, without the slightest clue that one of the groups in question had a Nazi flag in the background.


Bounding into Comics reports:

Hamill’s tweet included a message that read “It was a pleasure meeting with the brave Ukrainian drone operators. We talked about the challenges they face on a daily basis, but they also wanted to talk about Wookiees & farm boys & droids, oh my!”

Oh my, indeed. How do you miss a Nazi flag? Well, if you are a narcissist, it probably isn’t that hard. But many others noticed, including a number of Jewish Tweeters. @josephllagrange tweeted, “You’re supporting fascists and trying to make it sound cute with Star Wars references.” @comradebirb included a photo of various Nazi symbols, one of which was visible in the video Hamill posted. Brian Berletic, who is a former U.S. Marine and now works as a geopolitical commentator noted:


Did you not notice the Nazi flag in the background? If they are this unconcerned about anyone noticing, imagine what other aspects of Nazism they feel free to indulge in. Easy to understand the necessity behind Russia’s decision to launch the special military operation.

I did not include the last quote to justify the invasion of Ukraine, but rather to highlight the fact that decrying one injustice, no matter how great, does not absolve one from turning a blind eye to another form of evil. As another user pointed out:

Hey Mark, I’m a big fan of yours and it’s really terrifying to see you not acknowledge the very obvious flag in this video.  I understand if you didn’t recognize it, I know lots of people might not have, but it’s been pointed out to you a lot and your silence really is painful.

Hamill’s reply?

I have no idea what the flag signifies. My support is simply for Ukraine over the Russian invasion. PERIOD.

Bounding into Comics commented:

The flag in question featured in the video represented the Black Sun, which is commonly associated with Neo-Nazi groups the world over. SS officer Heinrich Himmler was especially fond of it, perhaps due to its perceived association with the occult, which he was very interested in. He even adopted a variant of the Black Sun as a central design element for the spiritual home of the Schutzstaffel (SS) at the Wewelsburg Castle. Over the years, the Black Sun, much like the original Swastika, have both been viewed within a wider historical context that has since been sullied by the ugliness of Nazism.

However, in the context of the Ukraine war, where Nazi elements do operate, it seems rather obvious. This isn’t the first time Western nations have had to deal with this uncomfortable truth, either. In March of 2022, NATO was left embarrassed when they failed to recognize the Nazi Black Sun symbol on the uniform of a Ukrainian soldier. Before the war broke out, vast swathes of Left-wing media groups routinely criticized the presence and influence of Nazis within its borders.


Hamill of course is a Leftist, and the Left loves to assign the descriptor “Nazi” to anyone who disagrees with it on any given topic. But in this case, we are talking about actual, real-life Nazis. If someone’s choice of decor includes Nazi symbols and they embrace Nazi propaganda and doctrine, they may actually be Nazis. And yes, Ukraine is the cause célèbre of the Left. But just because Ukraine is under attack by Russia does not automatically qualify every Ukrainian as a saint. Especially those who identify as Nazis. It is kind of a no-brainer, except for a celebrity who actually has no brain.

To be fair, Hamill probably didn’t have a clue to whom he was talking. He hates conservatives and knows that Ukraine is particularly savory at the moment. So he took a moment to bask in the spotlight and #standwithUkraine. Or whatever. But as the user above pointed out, he DOES know now. A better man would have apologized and walked it all back. A narcissist, on the other hand, would not. PERIOD. If Hamill wants to condemn Russia, fine. If he refuses to condemn the Nazi element in Ukraine, that is pathetic. Perhaps he just doesn’t know the power of the Dark Side of The Force. Or maybe he does and uses selective outrage to help himself sleep at night. After all, in Hamill’s world the appellation “Nazi” only applies to American conservatives.


For the love of everything sacred, holy, honorable, and sensible, will you actors, singers, models and influencers just shut up, shut up, Shut Up, SHUT UP? I have two dogs and four chickens with a better sense of how the world works than you. The kid next door to me who runs a lemonade stand during the summer and a hot cocoa stand during the winter has a firmer grasp on economics than you. The lady who checks me out at the grocery store understands the effects of big government better than you. The guy who installed my furnace can articulate the value of work and commerce better than you.

Your job is to sing your little song, do your little dance, shoot your little ray gun, or pose in some state of undress and then go away and wait for your agent to call. And you had better make hay while the sun shines. Once AI reaches its full flower, you will all be about as essential as a left-handed toilet plunger. We don’t need you now. And we won’t miss you when you’re gone. In fact, we won’t even notice.


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